Chapter 27

The door flung open to reveal a score of Hybrids and Witches ready to play offensive. Bella gasped, her body cowering in fear. Arthur's eyes widened with horror gleaming on his face. At that moment, confusion set into his mind. Hybrids and Werewolves bite are lethal to Vampires not to talk of Witches whose powers could cause severe pains throughout their bodies. He worried not for himself but Julian and Bella. How was he going to protect them?.

"Take Bella and run as fast as you can!" Arthur ordered at Julian who simply nodded.

"There's no place to run cause this house is under a boundary spell. Nicodemus wants the girl, give her and we shall leave without causing you harm." A Witch confidently spat out. Arthur growled at their arrogant remarks. Infuriated at the weight of courage that reeked off them.

"I shall let you live if you all can carry your pathetic beings out of this place!." Arthur blurted.

"We are ready to die for our cause!" An Hybrid retorted.

"Well then!. Let's get on w
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