Chapter 4 - Think With Brain!

Brandon's POV:

I am Brandon Shield, CEO of the Shield Group of Companies, one of the giant conglomerates of the USA.

Though our business was mainly focused on technology and restaurants, a decade ago, my dad started a branch of designer clothing, Divaz.

Whatever it is, Shield products always speak volumes in terms of quality. In my entire life of 31 years, I had learned from my father that business is nothing but a tree. The more you take care of it, take care of the people associated with it, the more fruits you will able to gain from it.

Timely investment, meticulous decisions, hard work, consistency and efficient manpower - everything is a must but when the leader isn’t capable, everything is futile in business. So, I learned the business as well as all the dirty tricks of business too. After taking over at a very young age, I got to understand slowly that business is nothing less than a battle. If you need, you have to be bad, worse or sometimes the worst to gain your position.

Shield Group always provided top-notch products. For Divaz, I wanted the same. I wanted it to be the best clothing brand in the USA. But unfortunately, it couldn’t shine as the other sectors of Shield businesses.

So, I decided to take matters into my hands this time. Designers are the life of a quality clothing brand. And when my assistant said that Divaz was going to recruit new designers, I decided to stop by without any prior notice. I wanted to make sure that the Divaz was getting the best of the bests.

When I reached the office of Divaz, the CEO and COO were pretty surprised by my visit. They invited me to participate l in their recruitment process and give my opinion.     

I was sitting in the interview room. So far, 88 candidates had been interviewed but we could only mark fifteen of them so far. I was losing patience at this rate.

We needed new designers but not dumb freshers. Some candidates literally irritated the shit out of me. Just for the sake of courtesy, I couldn’t personally throw them out of the interview room.

The 89th candidate entered the room, I was taking a look at the portfolio first, didn’t check the CV yet.

"Good morning." A pleasant yet polite female voice spoke, which seemed extremely familiar to my ear. I looked up to see it was the same sexy temptress I had sex a few days ago. 

I never thought of meeting her again, like this.

The slight smile that played on her full, plump lips was erased the moment her eyes landed on mine. The thick air of confidence that she brought with her, evaporated within a second.

She swallowed hard. She was nervous.  

I couldn’t help smiling in amusement.

"Morning. Please sit down." Said the chief human resource manager, Pollan Choi.

Forcing out a smile, she sat down. It was up to me, I would appoint her right way. Because she felt extremely delicious around my cock that night and I would like to fuck her again and again.

But before being a horny fucker, I was a wise businessman. Calm, composed, collected one. I couldn’t let my dick decide who would be appointed. Otherwise, my company would be destroyed.

If she had to get any job here, she must earn it through her capability, not by any easy fuck.   

So, I let her CV, portfolio, and skills to decide her luck. Business is before everything, even before pussy.

"Hello, I am Kayla Frost. I have completed my Bachelor and Masters from New York East University in Fashion Designing.” She spoke.

The other three, interviewers were already asking her questions. She was answering them one by one.

I must say, for a young designer, her portfolio was impressive. She worked as an assistant for many famous designers. And her designs were so unique and classy. She even won two awards as a young designer in competitions held in New York.

Interestingly, she had a special course on Japanese kimono designing too. I took a look at her CV. She was 24, from New York and she had an excellent academic result. I raised a brow. If she was from New York then why would she apply for a job in California?

After three other interviewers were done with their questions, I asked my questions. She seemed more nervous this time but answered them all without stuttering.

So far, she was the most promising candidate and I was impressed.

"So, you can go now. If you are selected, we will inform you the result within two days." Our chief designer, Ana Morgan said.

She stood up and turning on her heel, walked out. I couldn’t help staring at her plump, tight ass. The midi pencil skirt was hugging her lower body tightly emphasizing all the curves.

It was a fucking sight worth watching. I swallowed my drool and willed my cock to stay calm. It wasn't a place to stand up.

"She was the best so far. Her portfolio is good." Ana remarked adjusting the glass on her nose.

"Keep her files in the shortlist," I instructed her. Then the next candidate entered. He was a boy in his mid-twenties. We started interviewing him.

Kayla's POV:

I kinda stormed out of the interview room and quickly entered the elevator. My hands were sweating.

I took out my mobile from the purse and Googled about the company, 'Divaz'.

"Oh, my fucking shit!" A low scream left my mouth when I saw the search results.

How could that be?

The stranger I had sex with a few days ago; he turned out to be the CEO of the Shield Group of Companies, Brandon Shield.

A lady standing beside me eyed me in a strange way. All of a sudden, I noticed that I was in public, inside an elevator.

Embarrassed at my behavior, I mumbled a sorry. The lady rolled her eyes and stared at her wristwatch.

Kayla, who told you to have sex with a stranger?

You are always prone to troubles.

There is no way you are getting this job.

I came out of the building cursing myself for my capriciousness. I thought the sex was amazing and it wouldn’t matter at all. But now I see how wrong I was. This is what you get when you do whatever you like.


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Will Kayla get job? I’m crossing my fingers
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I love the story as it progresses

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