Chapter 19 - The Young Bloods

My mother was teacher Mary.

So that was why I frequently dreamed about someone I didn’t know but I somehow knew she was a person close to my heart.

It was teacher Mary all along.

Fuzzy memories came rushing back: the faint “I love you…” from someone who had a blurred face; the tender, long arms; the curly hair that was swaying with the wind; and the sweet and encouraging “I love you” again when I was about to sleep. Everything was blurry, but then it all made sense now as to why I was having short episodes about the blurred woman every now and then.


Rico brought me back to my senses, “Hey, seems like your friend is about to say something important.”

“Everyone, I want you to listen properly. Yesterday, the day we got stranded, I managed to talk with my father using my thought, and he shared with me everything that’s happening here. True, it’s shocking, but I needed to keep my composure to not give a member of the Young Bloods who was in our group,” she gave Josh a look, “an ide
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