Chapter Five ~ Vanished Into Thin Air

Freya Rose

I sat in silence just staring at Tristan. I was in complete shock after he'd told me that he was a werewolf. His eyes were as wide as saucers while he studied my face, trying to work out what I was thinking. I took in a deep breath and exhaled it slowly.

“So,” I paused and raised my eyebrows at him. “A werewolf huh?” I questioned him in utter disbelief. 

“Yup,” he replied with an emphasized pop of the p. 

I didn't really know how to respond, so I just blurted out the first thing that popped into my head.

“Wow. So, do you like, turn into a wolf when there's a full moon or something?” 

I cringed inside, after I heard the stupid question slip past my lips. He smirked and tried his utmost to hold in a chuckle.

“Um... No, not exactly.” 

Then it happened again, I just couldn't keep my damn mouth shut, it had a mind of its own. It seemed to think that it didn't need to consult with my brain before blurting out something stupid.

“Oh, do you have to chain yourself up before you turn?” 

I rolled my eyes when the silly and completely irrelevant question floated around in the air like a bad smell. Tristan stared at me with a huge smirk on his face and a slight blush in his cheeks. I pathetically tried to come up with some sort of excuse, something, anything to try and explain why I’d just asked him that.

“I think I saw them do that on a Tv program once.” 

I dropped my head down in complete embarrassment. My mouth finally ceased its tirade of naive and childish questions. I was beyond glad that Tristan didn't seem offended in the slightest. It was clear that he was finding my awkward questions amusing. He burst out laughing at me and even slapped his knee. I popped out my bottom lip and gave him my cute, sad face expression, in an attempt to make him feel bad for mocking me.

“You'd like that, wouldn't you? Any excuse to tie me up, huh baby?” He asked with an eyebrow raised. 

I bit my lip at the thought of him all tied up and completely at my mercy. When he saw me bite my lip, he lunged forwards and began to tickle me around my ribs. I giggled and tried to wriggle free from his tortuous tickly fingers, but it was no use. I tried a new tactic and wiggled my butt further down the bed. I playfully batted his hands away, each time they came anywhere near me. He moved even closer to me and positioned his knees either side of my hips, then grabbed both of my hands and pulled them above my head. I tried to struggle out of his grip, but the dude was so damn strong.

 “There's no point in fighting me. You won't win. I’m a werewolf remember?” 

He chuckled at me with a wide grin on his face. I saw that as a direct challenge and prepared myself for war.

“Oh yeah, it's on,” I said while giving him a determined stare. 

I slowly pulled one side of my mouth up into a slight smirk, then violently thrashed around, attempting to free my hands. I felt my face flush while I huffed and puffed, pulling my arms either which way trying to break free. 


I closed my eyes then threw my arms and head back onto the bed in defeat. When I opened my eyes back up, I saw Tristan staring at me with a big cheesy grin on his face. I hated losing, and all I wanted to do now was slap his stupid face, but I knew that he was just too damn strong, and I didn't stand a chance against him. I relaxed my body and whispered, 

“Ok, you win.” 

He let go of my hands and lifted one of his own hands to his head. Cupping his ear with his hand, he asked,

“I'm sorry, what did you say? I didn't quite catch that.” 

I huffed and shouted back at him,

“Ugh, you win.” 

He sat back onto his knees and dropped his hands to his sides. He then pulled his head back and let out an ear piercing and high-pitched howl. I frantically scrambled backwards onto the bed, pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my head on them. Tears began to stream down my face, and I was shaking like a leaf. I stayed silent and just let my thoughts engulf me. 

I guess he howled in the excitement of his victory, and I knew he wouldn't have wanted to scare me on purpose, but the sudden howl caught me by surprise. I had never heard anything like it in my life, and it instantly churned my stomach, raised my pulse, and sent my heart fleeing into my throat. 

In over ten years of knowing Tristan, I had never felt scared of him before. To be honest, the tickling and play fighting took all of the seriousness out of the situation. It made me feel like it wasn't a big deal, and that we could carry on like normal.

How naive of me. 

The reality of it all, he was a wolf. Snarling teeth, ripping animals apart, werewolf. 

How do I know that he won't ever turn on me? I mean he has been acting very strange lately. 

Multiple thoughts were running through my mind and it felt like I’d been silent for hours. I had no idea how to take all of it in, or what it meant for our future.

Do we even have a future? Can a human and a werewolf ever make it work? My thoughts were interrupted when I felt Tristan crawl towards me. He sat back onto his knees and reached around my back to pull me into his chest. I tightened up but allowed him to pull me towards him.

“I'm sorry if I scared you, baby,” he said in a low and concerned voice, then asked softly, “you know I'd never hurt you right?” 

I gradually looked up at him, then moved forward slightly and placed my hands on his chest. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes, they were flushed with worry and slowly filling with tears. I raised my hand to his cheek and wiped away a stray tear. 

I wanted nothing more than to trust him. I should have known him well enough to know that he would never hurt me. But in all honesty, I wasn’t entirely sure what I thought. In my heart, I believed that he would never hurt me, but my gut was telling me something different, and I just couldn't shake it. 

I decided to ease the tension in the room and lie to him, it was the only thing I could think to do in that tense moment.

“I know you wouldn't hurt me, babe,” I said to him, trying to be as convincing as possible. 

He sniffed and smiled slightly. I could tell he was not completely convinced though, so I tried to make it more believable and said, 

“I'm just a little bit overwhelmed, that's all. This is a huge change and it's going to take me some time to get used to it.” 

I brushed a wave of hair away from his face and he nodded to me in agreement. I leaned in and placed a soft kiss on his lips, and he exhaled with relief. Pulling back to look into his eyes once more, I then asked cautiously, 

“we will be okay won't we babe?” 

With tears occasionally sliding down my face, I allowed him to pull me in to him and squeeze me tightly. My stomach began to settle as safety and comfort swept over me. I inhaled through my nose taking in his familiar scent and it instantly calmed my nerves. I still had no idea what would happen or what our future held, but I had loved Tristan for as long as I could remember. Sitting there in his warm embrace just felt so natural. 

“We will definitely be okay. I love you, much more than you will ever know,” he said with raw emotion in his voice. 

I sighed slightly. His words surprisingly made me feel a lot better. I rested my head on his shoulder and he squeezed me even tighter. 

“Ugh, T,” I coughed out as his tight hug began to cut off my air supply. 

“Oh, damn, sorry babe,” he said with a chuckle while letting me go. 

He grabbed me, then collapsed onto the bed, pulling me down on top of him. He stroked my hair while we laid there embracing each other.

Knock, knock.

A light tapping noise on the door dragged us away from our peaceful moment.

“Hey, um, Tristan?” Cassie asked in a quiet and apprehensive tone as she opened the door gently. 

I pulled myself off of Tristan and sat on the edge of the bed. Tristan slowly dragged himself up into a sitting position. She paused and looked to Tyler for help. Tyler took over and asked in a sheepish voice,

“Uh, we heard you howl. Is everything okay?” 

I watched Cassie and Tyler as they stood in the doorway of my bedroom. They looked nervous as hell. Cassie was biting her thumb nail and looking around the room. She was obviously trying to avoid eye contact with both Tristan and me. Tyler had his head down and was looking at his feet, while he lightly kicked at my bedroom floor. Tristan broke the awkward silence first and said,

“It's all fine guys, she knows everything.” 

He didn't bother to move and continued to lay on the bed. He had his arms under his head and one foot over the other. Cassie and Tyler gradually looked up at me warily. With their attention now on me, I decided to ask them a few questions.

“So, I guess if Tristan's a werewolf, that would make you one too Tyler?” 

I sat there for a few seconds staring at him, waiting for an answer.

“Yeah,” he finally replied in a low voice, then looked back down to the floor. 

My eyes scanned over to Cassie.

“And you're his human mate, Cass?”

“Yes!” she quickly replied then shook her head. “Oh... wait no,” she corrected herself then continued, “yes, I am his mate, but I'm a werewolf too.” 

She looked at me with worried eyes. I stood up, folded my arms across my chest then slowly walked towards her.

“I am so pissed off right now. Either I'm really stupid for not noticing anything all these years, or you three are too good at lying to my face.” I said with an angry frown. 

She froze instantly, not knowing what to do, and shot Tyler a terrified look. I giggled while throwing my arms around her for a hug. 

“I'm only joking Cass,” I said reassuringly, and Tristan snigger behind me. 

Cassie sighed with relief as she hugged me back. I stood back slightly and pointed a finger at her. 

“You should've seen your face.” 

I burst out laughing and Tyler joined in laughing too.

“You're such a bitch Freya, you really had me going there,” she jokingly snapped back while lightly punching me in the arm. 

“Ow, what the hell?” I screamed out in fake pain while I held my arm. 

Tristan viciously snarled while jumping off the bed and sprinting towards Cassie. I watched in horror as Cassie's face dropped in pure panic. Tyler quickly pushed her behind him then growled at Tristan. Tristan stopped in his tracks and stood up tall, before growling back at his little brother. The growl was so deep and ferocious that it made me jump backwards out of harm's way. Tyler hastily bowed his head to show his neck then whimpered. Tristan ignored his brother's submission and lunged at him. Tyler braced himself for conflict by raising both of his arms up to protect his face.

“Tristan, stop!” 

I ran forwards placing myself right in between them both. Placing my hands onto Tristan's chest, I tried my best to hold him back. He was breathing so hard and his nostrils were flaring in pure anger. I looked up into his eyes and they were jet black.

“Baby, please calm down,” I begged him in a shaky voice. 

He ignored me and tried to lunge at Tyler again. I lost my footing and began to slide backwards as he pushed against me.

“Tristan, please!” I screamed out while I reached my hands up and put them either side of his face. I yanked it down to mine, trying to divert his attention. “Tristan look at me, babe. I'm ok, Cassie didn't hurt me, I promise.”

He blinked a couple of times then gazed into my eyes. I softly began to explain, 

“I was joking, she didn't hurt me. I swear.” 

My hands fell from his face. He gently turned me to the side and lifted my arm to see if there were any marks. Satisfied with his inspection, he stroked my arm with his thumb. 

“I'm so sorry. Please calm down,” I said while I shook again with emotion. 

I couldn't hold the tears in any longer, I was scared to death. It was just like I’d just watched two dogs having a fight. It was so intense, and now that it was over, the floodgates had opened. I was just so glad that he'd calmed down, because I didn't know if I could have handled witnessing anything worse than what I’d just seen. 

He turned me around to face him, then picked me up by my ass. I put my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He pulled me into him tightly and nuzzled into my neck, inhaling my scent. 

Ah, now I know why he always does that. 

His breathing had calmed and was almost back to normal when he finally uttered the words,

“Baby don't cry. You're shaking like a leaf. I'm so sorry, please don't be scared of me.”

He sounded so heartbroken. I pulled my head up to look at him and his eyes were back to their beautiful deep blue color. I smiled nervously at him. I didn't want to be, but I was scared of him. There was no denying that. He leaned in and I cautiously allowed him to give me a soft kiss. He lowered me back down to the floor and said, 

“I'm so sorry. I completely lost it when I thought that Cassie had hurt you. I couldn't control my wolf.”

“It's not your fault T, it's mine. I shouldn't have pretended to be hurt. I just didn't think.”

I turned around to Cassie. She had her face resting on Tyler's chest, and was sobbing uncontrollably. Tyler was stroking her back, trying to comfort her. 

“Oh my God. I’m sorry Cass.” I apologized profusely. She turned her head sideways to look at me and sniffed.

“It's okay Frey, it's not your fault. Werewolves can be really overprotective at times,” she sniffled again. “They get like that when someone hurts their mate.” 

Her eyes widened as soon as the words escaped her lips. Tyler's face winced and he sucked in a quick breath. 

“Mate?” I questioned in shock. 

Tyler and Cassie exchanged looks like they were doing that mime thing again. 

“Hey!” I snapped at them. “No fair! Stop having a secret conversation, through your mime link thingy,” I whined. 

They stopped instantly, and both turned towards me with smirks on their faces.

“What link?” Tyler asked mockingly while Cassie was holding her hand over her mouth trying to contain a laugh.

“You know what I'm on about. Tristan told me you two mime linked at the table earlier,” I shot my answer back at him. 

All three of them doubled over with laughter. 

“What?” I questioned in a mix of confusion and frustration. 

What is wrong with these people? I thought while furrowing my brow. 

They were too busy laughing at me to answer, so I asked in a whiny voice, “What's so bloody funny?” 

“Mind link. Not Mime link,” Cassie scoffed back in between snorts of laughter. 

I could feel a heat gradually rising up from my chest and my face turned bright red with embarrassment. 

“Oh right, mind,” I replied in a low voice. “That makes better sense than mime.” 

I chuckled lightly, still mortified that I thought they were doing some sort of mime act. Tristan had managed to stop laughing and put his arm around my shoulder, then pulled me to his side. I reached my arm around his back and he said to me with a chuckle,

“you're so damn cute babe.” 

I turned slightly and slapped his chest.

“Hey, you, shut up!” 

He chuckled then kissed the top of my head and I could feel his giant grin through my hair. We were all bought back to reality by the sound of my mom shouting up the stairs,

“Hey, are you guys going to your graduation today or not?” 

I panicked and shouted at the others,

“Crap! Look at the time. We best get going or we're going to miss our own graduation.” 

We all quickly ran down the stairs and out of the front door.


Tyler and Cassie were laughing and play fighting in the back of the car, I giggled to myself as I watch them messing around and having fun. I then watched Tristan. He was holding the passenger side door open for my mom. 

He was such a gentleman and very sweet. He was always doing nice things for people and was so darn polite. Watching him be kind to my mom melted my heart. It made me realize that this guy was the love of my life. There were so many things about him that made him perfect. Yeah, the fact that he was a werewolf was a huge deal, and scary as hell. But maybe I could trust him when he said that he will never hurt me? 

Maybe, this can work? 

A huge smile grew across my face as I imagined a mystical and exciting new future with my Alpha. 

“Oi, move over!” I shouted while playfully shoving Tyler's shoulder, so that I could have some more room in the back seat. 

Tristan started up the car and music began to play on the radio. It was Meant to be by Bebe Rexha and it was definitely the perfect song for how I was feeling at that moment.

I was a little scared of the new future that was ahead of me, but like the words in the song said, if it's meant to be it'll be. Cassie and I began singing in the back seat, Tyler was sitting between us with his hands over his ears. He screwed up his face like he was disgusted with our singing. 

I personally think we sound awesome, so screw him. 

We both ignored him and when the chorus kicked in, we sang at the top of our lungs just to piss him off.

Tristan looked at me in the rearview mirror and he was smiling from ear to ear, he then mouthed the words, I love you. I put my arms around his shoulders and whispered in his ear,

“I love you always, forever be mine.” 

He placed a soft kiss on my hand which made my heart burst with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I sat back in my seat with a big smile on my face.

My life is pretty damn amazing right now. 

I stared out of the window fantasizing about our future when I heard someone calling my name.

“Huh?” I asked Tyler. 

He looked back at me with a confused expression, and replied,

“I didn't say anything Frey.” 

I furrowed my brow and shrugged, then turned away to look back out of the window. We pulled up to some traffic lights and waited for a few minutes. As we were waiting, I saw a tall, dark and handsome guy standing on the pavement. He was holding a huge bunch of beautiful red roses. I thought to myself that it was sweet, and that whoever they were for, was a very lucky person. I thought no more about it, as we drove away.

After a while we pulled up to another set of lights, and as I gazed back out of the window. I spotted the guy again and he was still holding the huge bunch of red roses, but they were definitely not beautiful anymore. Somehow in only a few minutes they had all withered and died. Most of them were now just pathetic stems. I looked at the flowers in shock and confusion. 

How did he catch up with us so fast? 

I braved it and glanced up at the guy's face. To my horror, he was pointing right at me, and he had an evil, yet strangely seductive grin spread across his face. I gave him a terrified look in response, then my eyes grew wide, as he suddenly vanished into thin air.

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How on earth do they have time for all this before getting ready for graduation?

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