Chapter 02

Jordan and Harley reached home and Harley carried the grocery bag inside. Jordan followed him behind. Elena, their mother was watching TV with their little sister, Lily. When Jordan went to the living room, Lily ran up to Jordan and hugged her legs. Jordan picks her up and kissed her cheek.

“Mom, I think I should join karate,” Harley screamed from the kitchen.

“Why is that?” Elena asked casually..

“Because there are boys around J all the time and I also have the responsibility to protect you three. After all, I am the man of the house,” he reasoned as he came to the living room and plopped on the couch.

“Yeah, the man of the house who screams his lungs out in the dark,” Jordan teased him.

“Mom, look at her,” he whined like a baby snuggling close to his mom.

“Oh, baby!” she said to him as she patted his head.

“I’m not a baby,” he said and got up from the couch and marched to his room. The others laughed at him because they do know it is just fake anger. He will come back later.

Elena turns towards Jordan and asked, “What happened?”

“In the supermarket, a little boy bumped into me and his father came behind him and he spoke to me a little and apologized on behalf of his son. That’s it,” Jordan explained it to her.

Elena nodded her head in understanding.

“Mamma, hungry,” Lily said.

“Yes baby, we gonna have dinner now,” Elena said to Lily and turned towards Harley’s room.

“Unless you don’t want the chicken soup noodles and potato chip frittata!” Elena spoke in a rather loud voice to reach her son.

Harley’s room door opened instantly. Lily went to him and pulled him by his hands towards the dining table. Jordan and Elena tried really hard to not burst into laughter.

After dinner, they all went to their respective rooms, and Elena went to Harley’s room. His room door was open, so Jordan could hear what they were talking about.

In his room, Harley was doing spiderman poses in front of the mirror. He stumbles when his room door creaks.

“Come in,” he said while rubbing his butts.

“What stunt were you pulling?” that was Elena.

“Umm, Nothing mum.” He got up from the floor and went to sit on his bed.

“What is it? The karate thing?” she asked him, as she sat on his bed.

“You know, my sister is beautiful and people keep trying to talk to her. And I’m not a baby anymore and I should be protecting my sis,” he sounded pretty serious.

“Did anything happen in the supermarket?” Elena questioned him to listen to his side of the story. It is only right to know both sides before concluding anything.

“Well, a man was talking to her,” he said.

“Not everybody we talk to is dangerous. And don’t worry too much. And if you still want to learn karate out of interest, then you can join. I’ll look into the classes,” she placed an offer.

“Yes. I want to join!” he said enthusiastically.

“Okay then, now it’s time for bed. Goodnight baby.” She tucked him to bed and cover him with the duvet.

“Mom! I’m not a baby,” he whined.

“Yes! Yes! Now sleep.” She pecked on his forehead and left the room. She looked towards Jordan’s room, she was wide awake, “Sleep soon. Goodnight,” she said to her daughter before she went to her room.

At Marcel’s house, the father and son were rather having a battle of words in English mix Gibberish. Adrian was having a tough time getting his son to put on the diaper. But the little boy was nowhere near to accept his father’s offer of cookies and chips for a diaper.

“No! Papa!” Aaron screamed as he ran to the living room.

“Damn, Diaper!” Adrian muttered.

His phone ringing got in between his chase towards his son. He immediately picked the call, it was his mother.


“Hello,” Adrian sighed.

“What happened?” she asked him with real concern.

“Your grandson is hard to please,” he said, sitting on the couch and glaring at his son who gave him a wicked smile.

Adrian’s mom chuckled, “Oh no! My baby is already having trouble.” She made it as dramatic as possible to annoy her son to the edge.

“Mom! You can’t do this to me,”

“Of course, I can. Who said you to move far away. If you had stayed would I not be helping you with Aaron?”

“You would. But still, I would move away even if you did a lot. You have done a lot for him and me. It is my time to do my son’s things.”

“Then enjoy!”

“You do realize you are annoying me right, mom?”

“I am glad it is working,” she laughed.

Adrian groaned at his mom’s reaction. They spoke for a little while before hanging up. By the end of the call, Adrian got his mom to help him to get Aaron into the diaper.

Later into the night, the father-son had dinner and now they were watching some cartoons on TV. Aaron was watching it with high interest and Adrian watched his son and felt contentment seeing his son adjusting to the new place. And wooing people with his cute charms.

Adrian asked his son, “Champ, do you want to eat dessert?”

“Choco! Choco!” he said with excitement.

“Fine. Since you have been a good boy and wore a diaper too.” Adrian got up from his seat and went towards the kitchen.

Aaron jumped in excitement and rushed behind his father to the kitchen. Chocolates beat to cartoons and were long forgotten.

When it was Aaron’s bedtime, Adrian asked his son, “Champ, you wanna sleep with papa tonight?”

“Choco?” Aaron demanded a deal.

“Forget it,” Adrian said.

“Paapa!” Aaron whined.

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will give choco. Now off to bed.” With that, it was bedtime for them.

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