Against all odds
Against all odds
Author: Chidot
Episode one

As he walked down the school hall, amidst glances from jealous boyfriends and girls dying to have him glance their way. Kabir drew attention wherever he went. He was just 20 and about to finish his clinical year in school. 

Clara watched him as he walked towards her, he was almost 6ft tall and his silky blond hair caressed his chiseled face. She felt proud to call him her boyfriend. "Hello, Kabir." She said and dropped a light kiss on his lower jaw. "You are late." She beamed with excitement. Tonight was their first date and the whole school knew because Clara made sure they did.

"Sorry, I was caught in traffic." Kabir lied. He wasn't really into Clara but her parents were friends and both families belonged to the same class as the rich and powerful.

Kabir's father was a well known plastic surgeon, his clients were the rich and mighty, and Clara's mum was his client too.

"Let's go, shall we". He climbed into his power bike and gave her his helmet as she joined him. The whole school watched them. Kabir had dated only the hottest girls in school. 

"I would give anything to spend a day with him" Vidya whispered to her friend Babara as they watched them zoom off. They both giggled and walked off to class.


The school cafe was filled up with which was the norm, each student sat in pairs mainly consisting of boyfriend's and girlfriends, the nerds of the school had their own corner too. 

Musa walked into the cafe, alone as usual. He hadn't made many friends as he was an introvert and stammered. He didn't talk much, because they always made fun of him. 

"Come and join us, Musa" Kabir called out to Musa. At first, he didn't respond thinking it wasn't him. Why should Kabir ask him to join them, the most popular kid in school? 

He walked over to his seat to eat alone as usual but stopped on his track when Kabir called him out again, this time adding his surname. "Musa Bamidele, come join us." He turned and walked towards them, he felt frozen but his leg moved as if controlled by an unseen force. 

Kabir's cliche of friends wondered why their friend invited this boy to their sit. Guru, the talkative of the group, asked anyway.

 "He is my friend, any problem." He glared at Him. Guru knew it was time to keep quiet, a word from Kabir and he could lose friends.


Maya was a shy, plump girl. She was beautiful in her own way. Coming from a poor home she took her education seriously and didn't have time for relationships. 

Ethan admired Maya a lot, he would love to date her. But he always met a dead end with her. "Maya, be my girl, I would cross the ocean for you." He pleaded for the umpteenth time. 

"We have been through this a thousand times, I am not ready." She didn't feel love for him, she just liked him as a friend. Ethan was a good boy, he had a promising future. She felt flattered that he loved her, but she didn't want to date out of pity.

All Maya wanted was to be a school teacher, she loved kids a lot. Marriage was not on her list either, maybe someday in the future when she meets someone she loves.

She smiled at her last thought, for now, she must get a good grade if she wanted to go to the college of her choice.


Kabir leaned back in his chair and stretched out his long legs under the table. He had been studying for his final exams for almost 3 hours. 

He had gone to the library, to avoid distraction. He loved enjoying life, women, and a good time but also loved his choice of profession. 

Kabir wanted to be a surgeon, just like his father but he wanted to major in obstetrician and gynecologist. He wanted to help bring life into the world.

As he glanced up, he saw Musa walk in. He walked straight to reading and brought out his textbooks and reading materials.

Kabir watched him for a while, then packed up and left. His body was already sore from sitting in a place for so long.


The day was not going as planned. The weather was too hot, and the traffic was at its peak.

Mrs. Hudson, Maya's mum, had a pastry delivery to make and she was already behind schedule. Her clients were becoming worried as their guests were already starting to arrive.

She didn't want to lose this client, who had well to do friends and her connection would help her business.

As she came in with the pastries at the nick of time, she apologized for the late delivery and promised  to do better 

That evening she got a call to supply pastries, the order was large. She was to supply cakes, finger foods, and salads for the graduation party of the son of a well known plastic surgeon. His wife had gotten her number from a friend of hers who had used her services before.

She squealed with joy as she narrated her newest daughter and how this was the highest paying job she had ever done. "Congrats mum, you deserve every good thing." She hugged her so tight, "I love you."


The graduation ceremony started later than expected. The graduating students looked regal in their outfits and graduation gown. 

There were lots of goodbyes and promises of keeping in touch. David won the best graduating student awards for his exceptional performance, he wasn't good looking but he was intelligent.

He worked really hard in school, he had an almost nonexistent social life. Being the best in the class had given him an automatic appointment in any good hospital of his choice as an obstetrician

Clara unfortunately didn't graduate, she had spent most of her time shopping and partying. All she dreamed of was to get married to a rich man, maybe have a kid and throw parties just like her mother. 

Her father was disappointed, but her mother didn't think much of it, after all, they were rich, and Clara had her own trust fund worth millions of dollars. 

"Goerge; come off it, she is still young." Maggie scolded her husband. "She can still get a degree, maybe not medicine this time." She said she had a party to plan, she was hosting her husband's colleagues tonight.

After the graduation ceremony in the school. Kabir's guests followed them home for the party, the whole house was decorated with lights that change colors per second. Flowers and balloons were hung on walls and entrance doors. The whole house was beautiful. 

"Thank you all for coming to my son's graduation." Salman Devgan spoke into the microphone "what you all don't know is that this party is a two in one celebration." He smiled at his wife.

"Where is Kabir? He should be here for this announcement." The guards went in search of him. Kabir, however, had gone to the guest room with Shelby, she was a sister to one of his friends and had always had an eye for Kabir. 

Shelby always got what she wanted and she wanted Kabir, he didn't mind though. He took her to the guest room where they had sex, Kabir was rough and she liked it. Clara who had gone to look for him saw them emerging from the guest room.

She knew what had happened, her eyes became moist with tears as she hid from them. "Kabir keeps breaking my heart, but it's not his fault those shameless girls are to blame." she thought. Clara adjusted her cloth, wiped her tears, and walked towards the hall with her usual fake smile splattered all over her face.

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