A Handful Of Stars
A Handful Of Stars
Author: Ash

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❝ I can say with great certainty

and absolute honesty that

I did not know what love was ;

until I knew

what love was not. ❞

-P.T. Berkey.


Extended description :

After taking a break from his overwhelming career, Cameron Taylor decides to return to his hometown with his parents, and live in some peace. But fate seemed to have other plans when the charming Shayla Sengupta's path crosses with his' and both are forced to take the same journey ; where love starts to blossom.

After battling against their demons and dodging all the curveballs that life throws their way - they finally take a breath of fresh air and swear to give themselves the perfect happily ever after that they could afford in this imperfect world.

But what happens when ghosts from their pasts try to sabotage their present and threaten their future? Will they fight for themselves & strive for their happily ever after or will they give up hope & let the tragedy haunt them?


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