Twin's POV

"Bryan, do keep an eye on Daisy, her every move, her meetings, where she goes. I don't want a single detail to be left out." Damon voice to his driver and bodyguard who is a werewolf as they drove towards their private jet.

"I can't believe we are leaving our baby girl. I wish she knows about us and probably follows us home." Damian says sadly.

"Yeah sooner we get this done better for us, I can't wait for our date with her. I just hope she accepts us."

They twins have planned for an exquisite dinner date where they can ask her out properly. What humans do as formalities.

"Why not, as much as she's trying to hide it; her heart says otherwise. I just feel she's scared of her feelings and doesn't know how to express it, that's all." Damon's phones flashes.

"If you say so, I better not find Jacob or any male essence around her by the time we are bac

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Rose SB
Ooo girl, sorry but your descriptions leave a lot to be desired. What is the world is long waist red velvet hair???

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