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“You’ve just been there. Through my worst and darkest hour and I guess I wanted that, I wanted you.”

Japhia ~

The next three months were the slowest I’ve ever had. William stayed another week after the new year before going home. It was a decision we both hated because we wanted to be with each other, but; we didn’t want to be completely selfish. It was time for work, school and a lot of other things and more than anything, it was time to go apart for a while.

A while almost became forever.

Many mornings I’d wake up craving William beside me and at night needing his voice to put me to sleep. The need grew as the days turned into weeks, and soon I became lovesick, according to Japhia.

“I miss you and it’s literally making me sick,” I whine as I walked inside and then on the light.

I hear him chuckle over the phone and my face heat. “You’re saying I made you sick?”

“I won’t say you didn’t,” I pout as I pull off my jacket, then I realise this trick won’t work on him ‘cause he can’t
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goodnovel comment avatar
Christmas was 7 weeks ago
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
WTH would she go outside and then so far away from the bldg and then it takes him 4ever to get outside. SMH frustrating
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
Timeline is totally off if it has been several months since she has seen William and is only 7 weeks pregnant.

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