Chapter One

My name's Elizabeth Morgan, I'm 17 and a senior at Hillside High. If you didn't catch on, I live in this town called Hillside. We have lots of hills, and it's the most boring place I've ever lived. I don't recommend it to anyone.

Anyways, back to the important stuff and the real reason why you're reading this.

At my school, there's this one boy who is commonly known as the fuckboy. He's slept with every girl in our grade besides four of us. Those lucky four being myself, my best friend Ellie, and two other girls you'll probably hear about later.

My friend Ellie and I made it our goal to finish our senior year without sleeping with Connor, but of course it's going to be a challenge at times. He's actually a really decent guy if you look past the part of him possibly getting an STD from sleeping with so many random people. He's quite intelligent, he knows how to charm a girl and what girls like, and he isn't always a dick.

Honestly, if he hadn't fucked the whole grade, he would be my dream guy cause let's all be honest here. He's really fucking hot.

Connor's tried countless times to get together with me over the summer, and although I had nothing to do, I made up some fake plans which unfortunately were at the same time he wanted to "hang out." I know he's tried with Ellie too, but she never gave in. I was so proud of her, I could've cried. But seriously, Ellie can be a bit of a flirtatious whore sometimes so it worries me. The other two girls? I don't know about them yet since I don't normally talk with them. I'm sure if one of them did, then we'll all hear about it during homeroom.

Speaking of homeroom, that's where I was headed now. I kept my head ducked down, staring at my phone while walking to my locker. I love socializing with other people, but I wasn't really in the mood to be late on the first day. I avoided talking to people about how great the summer was and how much people "missed" you. They're all lying anyways. If they missed you, they would've called.

I finally reached my locker and put in the combination, working on organizing and making sure everything was neat and accessible. I was about ready to get to homeroom when everyone in the senior hallway became quieter. I turned my head in the direction of where everyone else was looking, which appeared to be at Brooklynn Baker, also known as one of the 4 who hadn't slept with Connor. But by the looks and whispers people are aiming at her, I'm guessing she gave him what he wanted.

I shook my head unbelievably while walking into the classroom. I sat in a seat closer to the back corner. I knew it was just a matter of time before everyone else piled in and all I would hear for the rest of the day would be rumors of Brooklynn.

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