The End

“Well well, that was fairly easy, wasn’t it? I have to say, I'm kinda disappointed,” Alpha Star said smugly.

Zehra's heart thudded frantically in her chest and she couldn't help but feel like a trapped rabbit. Alpha Star and Star One were leaning casually against the door, their mask of nonchalance betrayed by the evident triumph in their voice.

“I told you the phosphorescent wisps would work,” replied Star One.

Zehra crossed her arms and gathered all her courage to appear calm and unruffled.

“If you’re done with your little moment of victory, I’d like to leave. I’ve got better things to do.”

Alpha Star stepped forward. “Oh no, darling. You’re not going anywhere. Not this time.”

And then he took something out of his pocket, something that made her blood run cold. Star One did the sa

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