Felix's Story 18

Felix collected the empty bottle from her hand and Jomi pouted as she laughed. 

“I’ll tell you something, you look like him so much but you are not as handsome as him. He has this pretty bit calm eyes, beautiful and straight nose and his lips are so pretty” Jomi gushed as George turned to Felix while he laughed slightly.

“He’s very handsome. You are not handsome as him. Let me tell you something, when he laughs, it’s like the whole world has lightened up. He looks very beautiful then but he doesn’t laugh all the time” Jomi said again as she smiled.

“I , I, I like him very much. He’s not my type but him? He’s perfect for me. You also think so abi?” Jomi asked as she slurred again and pouted as tear strum down her cheeks.

“Hey, am I pretty?” Jomi asked and Felix nodded.

“Very pretty” Felix replied.

“Am I very, very, very, very pretty?&rdq

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