My Best Friend

My Best Friend

By:  Kamala  Ongoing
Language: English
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''Sometimes I sit alone in my room, not because I'm lonely but because I want to. I quite like it but too bad sitting by myself always leads to terrifying, self-destructive thoughts. When I'm about to do something, he calls. He is like my own personal superhero and he doesn't even know it. Now my superhero never calls and there is no one to help me, maybe I should get a new hero. What do you think?'' ''Why don't you be your own hero?'' I didn't want to be my own hero I just wanted my best friend, too bad that's all he'll ever be to me- a friend. Trigger Warning so read at your own risk.

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Harshala Chaudhari
awesome ......
2023-07-15 03:01:54
user avatar
Interesting, blurb. keep it up, Author!
2022-01-26 06:28:57
user avatar
I'm going through so many emotions with this story. 😪
2021-06-15 21:43:13
user avatar
It's awesome ,I am waiting for the updates
2021-04-30 16:17:34
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Sonya Scott
Great story I was all into it. Can't wait for the next chapters.
2021-02-17 10:03:42
user avatar
Great writing. Zack annoying but we’ll see where it goes
2021-02-10 14:02:53
default avatar
It's ok I mean I love it so I have a best friend
2023-09-07 10:33:25
user avatar
Caitlin Bennett
So far I've really enjoyed the book. Can't wait for more chapters to be released.
2021-11-18 00:44:46
76 Chapters
Julliard Scouts
''I have never felt so humiliated in my entire life. I stood in the middle of the stage with this huge bright light shining directly in my eyes. I had sweat dripping down my forehead and the whole auditorium was so quiet you could hear the toilet flush from across campus. Everyone was sitting there waiting for me to say something, anything. What was I to do or say? I just knew I blew my chances with the Juilliard scout, I just knew it. I wanted to just cry. Maybe if I cried enough it would wash out the whole auditorium, am I right? Thanks to Ms Fiddleson for mouthing the words to me, so I just carried on as if my skirt didn't just rip in half," I paused to take a sip of my water before I continued, "The performance went on fine after that but afterwards, Fiddleson gave me that look and I know that when I see her again she's going to throw a fit. The good news is that the scout came up to me and-,'' I stopped when I realised Zack wasn't focussed on anything I was saying. ''And then he
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Chicken Sees a Salad
I stood outside of the school and watched as the fallen leaves blow across the car park. I wasn't interested in actually watching leaves change colour, it was merely a distraction. I was waiting for Zack so we could go home together. Today we were going by his house to watch a random movie. It was our tradition, every Thursday. Just as I resolved to go look for him inside the school, he texted me. Zack: Sorry. I took Mindy home, her car wasn't working. I did notice her car was still parked in its usual spot with its windows slightly cracked. I just assumed they were somewhere inside doing restricted things or different variations to that. Truthfully, I was hurt emotionally and physically. I've been standing by the school's entrance for about an hour, my ankles felt swollen and my back pained. I learnt from a young age, though, to shake things off. What is huffing going to do? Are tears going to wash away my problems? No, but it sure did help relieve stress. I took a step towards
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Kevin and Mindy
I looked at myself in the mirror, tilting my head to get a different angle. I tugged the cotton-pink sweater away from my body and criticised it ever so slightly. Should I change it? I still have a bit of time before my students' council meeting. I turned to my closet and ran my hands across the different colours, patterns and materials. I took out a predominantly white tee with sunflowers scattered all across the front. I held it up against my body. My face scrunched up, I wasn't in a sunflower mood so, I decided to stick with the fuzzy pink sweater beside it really complimented my skin tone. ''Are you decent?'' Zack asked, sticking his head in my room. ''What do you think?'' I asked him not taking my eyes from the mirror. ''You look cute. I like it,'' he said and walked into my room. He flopped face-first into my unmade bed and then snuggled with my pillow. That statement was good enough for me. I turned to him and, said I was ready. Zack was on the student council with me so, he
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Food and Nutrition
''Can we please talk?'' Zack popped up out of nowhere. I've been trying to avoid him all day but, alas he caught me at a moment of weakness. ''Don't you have to keep your new girlfriend company?'' I asked as I closed my locker to look at him. His eyes looked so sad but, this time I won't give in so easily. I always give in when he bats his rather beautifully long lashes at me. It's rather odd how guys always have long lashes when compared to girls. ''This is more important. You're more important,'' he earnestly tried to convince me. ''Oh, I'm important now? What do you want?'' I asked as I gave him my biggest fake smile. He sighed and ran a hand through his brown curly locks that were getting longer than usual. I must admit that I do miss his natural blond colour, but he hated it. He said it reminded him too much of his mother who he grew to hate as he got older. You know the feeling. ''I'm sorry,'' ''You've been awfully sorry a lot,'' I said. I busied my hands in my loc
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Lasagna After Rain
I stared hard at the full lunch tray I had in my hands. It was more overflowing than full. Still, I was super excited to eat but, then my stupid therapist and her stupid words of knowledge popped up in my head. 'Food is not love and it definitely isn't the solution. ' Food isn't love but, it's sure damn close though. Has she ever had lasagna after a good cry? Let me tell you it's great. I should suggest it to her. Does she even cry though? She should, right? The image of Dr Marsha's face soaked with tears, eating lasagna was so weird to me, and that's saying something. ''Are you trying to get it to explode?'' I jumped. Zack laughed as I pursed my lips and looked at him, unamused might I add. ''What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be trying to get into Mindy's skirt?'' I asked him, my face blank. ''I always have lunch with you,'' he stated matter of factly with a frown as we both plopped down in our regular seats. Before I said anything Kevin and two people-one girls, one gu
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Lawnmowers, Ice Cream and Horror Films
We drove for a while. It took way longer than it would take to get to either of our homes. I wanted to pretend to wake up and ask where we were going; I was just too exhausted to bother or care. I decided to enjoy the ride and the soft humming of music from the radio. "I told Zoa to raincheck on the shopping trip. I hope you don't mind me doing so,'' When I stayed quiet, he continued ''Mindy told me she saw you crying. What's that about?'' Again, I said nothing. ''Could you please stop ignoring me? It's getting on my nerves,'' he stated rather than ask. ''I know you're awake,'' ''What do you want me to say?'' I asked, my eyes still closed. ''I don't know. Just stop pretending that I'm not here,'' I decided not to respond, turning my attention back to the song that was playing. It was Renee by SALES. You got it...You got it...You got My head bobbed to the soothing melody. Music was so therapeutic and, no one could tell me otherwise. I was seriously tempted to ask wher
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Hide and Seek
I stared at the screen not paying it much attention. Instead, my mind was hyper-focused on what had just happened. Was I reading into this too much? Probably. Zack was a very loyal guy so it was probably just a friendly peck on the head. Yeah, that's what it was, a friendly kiss on the head given to me by my best and only friend. My best friend, damn my life. You can say that again. Zack's laughter brought me from my thoughts. As much as he would deny it, this was his favourite movie. Every time he was sad I would put it on and make him some macaroni and cheese with bacon, his favourite dish. I remember the first time we watched Shark Tale actually. It was his fourth birthday and he was not feeling very well so his mother suggested watching a movie instead of a big party like they normally did. For me, that day was special because it was the first time we spent his birthday together, just us. Alone. He was always popular, which meant when he had parties, he was constantly surrounded
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Lock and Key
I smiled and waved as I watched Zack drive out of the school's car park. Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave. Truth be told I didn't have rehearsals today, well I did but it was not until later. For some reason, the other members of the drama club were busy during the day. I think that's what you call 'having a life' but, I could be wrong. The reason I told everyone that I needed to be at school was because I was ashamed to let them know that I go to therapy. I know I shouldn't be self-conscious that I was getting help. I was more ashamed of the fact that I needed help at all. I've always prided myself on being independent ever since I was young. During my first couple of sessions with Dr Marsha, we went over how okay it was to be self-aware and get assistance when you need it. In fact, she told me she went to therapy herself. I'm not sure if it was to help me feel more comfortable around her or to show that not everyone had perfect mental health. Regardless, it meant nothing
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Dr Marsha is Good at Her Job
I've been seeing Dr Marsha for a while, her diploma-decorated office walls and the uncomfortable blue couch were so familiar I could draw them in my sleep. There was always the smell of floral Lysol floor cleaners that stuck around even hours after the cleaning lady left. The fake potted palm was in the same place as always- obnoxiously in my space. I swear it gets closer and closer with each visit. Said visits have been going on for over three years and, every time without fail, she would ask me the same question whenever she seems me 'How was your day?' Sometimes when she is feeling spicy she will ask me 'How are you doing?' Honestly, they were the same question. I wonder if she preplans which question or if it's just a spur-of-the-moment type of thing? Nothing with Dr Marsha felt random so it was likely planned. Today she decided to ask me how my day was going. For the first time, I said something besides fine; I finally had something worth saying. ''My brother and I talked tod
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Chinese Cuisines and Switzerland Storms
I stared at Lucas with tears that unfocused my vision. I don't think I've ever been so relieved to see someone in my house before. Granted, he had a right to be there but, you get the picture. ''You should have told me you were buying. I would have saved my money. In fact, I should be the one to buy since I came up with the idea or at least I think so. You know what it doesn't even matter, I'll put it in the fridge and no you can't have it for breakfast tomorrow,'' Lucas rambled while I continued to stare and smile. ''Okay, what's up with you? Why are you smiling so much and, will you stop staring? It's creeping me out,'' he mentioned as he looked at me weirdly after placing the food he bought in the fridge. I hugged him tightly. I guess I still had my reservations about him actually being there for me. I wasn't sure if this was going to be a one-off situation or if it was going to be forever. I wanted to ask, but I kept quiet. I was afraid that I would scare him into changing his
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