Billionaire's Surrogate
Billionaire's Surrogate
Author: Praise Odulesi
One: Need to do something


The thrust of the thick breeze of the evening, hit against my opened chest, causing a strong shudder to run down my spine. I wrapped my hands across my shoulder to form a warmth that wasn't available.

Instead of worrying about the after effects of the coldness that struck me, I worried about something entirely different from that. All I could think of were the situations I was facing. My mom was sick on one hand, and on the other, my sister, Charlotte, had to leave us, and was pronounced as "dead." Life was a fucking shit. 

The howling wind intensified, and caused more coldness in the air. About to get up to walk into the house, a tiny hand wrapped around my neck. It was going to be my four year old baby, Liam. 

"What are you doing here?" His tiny voice sounded in my ear. 

I smiled at the cuteness of his beautiful voice, and twirled to face him directly. "You kitten." I tweaked his nose. "I only came out to get some fresh breeze. And didn't I ask you to remain there?"

"I missed you aunty." He pouted teasingly. 

I folded my arms across my chest, and frowned playfully at me. "Who's your aunt? Huh?"

"Ok mom." He giggled stylishly at me. "I'm just used to that thing."

"What thing? And what do you know about "thing?" You're only a baby for goodness sake." I tried to joke with him. 

He rolled his eyes in uninterest and exhaled softly. Gosh, my baby acted so older than his age. "Duh. I don't care about that. I'm a big boy!" He rejoiced. 

"Come here you sweetheart." I raised him gently, and dropped him on my laps. "Let's go in now."

He grinned. "Ok mommy."

I finally stood up and headed inside, but stopped when I sighted the greatest freaks of my life, my best buds, Beth and Shanice, walking into my tiny compound. 

"Babe!" Shanice cried in her usual excited tone, as she pranced to me. Goodness knew what news she had again. 

I turned to Liam who was in my arms, and smiled at how he furrowed his brows like he was confused. 

"Mommy." He called as I had expected. Whenever he made such faces, he always asked something weird. "What's the meaning of babe? I thought your name is Jill."

"Oh sweetheart." I pecked him on his cheek. "It's just a way of greeting people. It's like a lady's slang."

He moued, and knitted his brows like he was thinking deeply. "Swlang? What's a swlang?"

"I--It's nothing. Don't worry about it." I tried to stop him from speaking, before he got to the point of asking me something I didn't understand. 

He shrugged. "Ok. I'll always believe my mom."

"Sweetheart." I dropped him to stand, and bent down to reach his height. "Go in now. Mommy wants to talk to someone."

"Ok ma!" He agreed in an excited tone, as he rushed inside. 

I rolled my eyes, and breathed out in relief. That was the first time in a long time that he didn't have to argue when I asked him to go in. 

I turned to Shanice who was already waiting by my side, and Beth who seemed to be annoyed at something like she always was. 

"I'm so excited Jill!" She exclaimed, grinning widely like she wouldn't do that again. 

Her smile made me so happy. At least, she was finally being happy after a long time of constantly having an issue with her boyfriend, Aiden. If she was happy, it was definitely good news about him. 

"Hmm, tell me about it." I poked her arm and smiled craftly at her. 

Beth finally walked to us, and rolled her eyes at Shanice. "Do you have to say this again?" She complained. "You've literally mentioned it about two hundred times."

"Duh." Shanice affirmed to her. "I say what makes me happy."

"Alright girls. That's enough. Just tell me what goodnews you have." I stopped their coming argument. 

Shanice turned back to me, and returned to smiling. "You won't believe it, but yes! Aiden has finally asked me to go on a date with him! I'm so glad!" She cried joyfully. 

I knew it. I guessed well. 

"Aww, I'm so glad for you." I reached her arms, and embraced her tightly. 

"When you both are done with your shit, notify me." Beth mumbled from behind. I had to admit, this girl was problematic. 

Shanice let out a groan, and forcefully pulled away from me. "What's with you Beth? Don't you understand that we are friends, so we need to celebrate with one another?" She groused, frowning at her. 

"What?!" Beth whined, returning her glare. 

I sighed, and stood in between them. "Fine fine." I tried to calm them down. "There's no point in doing this ok? You aren't even children. My boy isn't even going to do this."

Beth scoffed, tucking her arms on her chest. "Boy indeed. Who cares?"

"Beth." I frowned slightly at her. "Would you stop being so rude? Try to learn from your mistakes, instead of defending them."

"Alright." She finally agreed, and sighed. "I'll listen for now. But let's say something else."

"Good girl." I tweaked her cheek jokingly. 

"Stop!" She hit against my hands. 

"Alright girls." Shanice hopped in my front. "I have to prepare for my coming date, so I need to get some things from the store."

"Good." I remarked. 

She reached my cheek, and dropped a kiss on it. "Bye dear." She said, walking past me. "Let's go Beth."

Beth rolled her eyes again, and waved at me before following behind her. "Bye." She said amid an exhalation, and turned to the street. 

"So troublesome." I mentioned to myself in a whisper, and turned to the door. 

I stepped into the house, and breathed out in frustration, or tiredness. I seriously didn't know what to do with myself. I recently lost my job, and I had tried to get a new one but no one seemed to be coming my way. It was frustrating, but I seriously didn't know what to do. 

Turning to the walk into the living room, my mom's keeper, Maggie, appeared in my front. She looked so worried and stressed out like she hadn't slept in a really long time. That really bothered me. 

"What's the problem Maggie?" I asked in a worry tone. 

She sighed, and wore a look I didn't understand. Maybe hesitancy. 

Her light skin looked paler than usual, and her hair was tousled like she hadn't taken care of herself in a really long time. 

I scowled a little, and patted the middle-aged woman's shoulder. "Tell me now. You know I don't like it when you are like this." I said to her. 

"Oh my dear," She lifted her hands to my cheek, her eyes already forming some tears. "It's your mom. Her condition is getting worse."

"Mom?" My worry aggravated. "Is she fine? What happened?"

"Keep calm dear." She gripped my cold hands. "She'll be fine. It's just that the surgery needs to be done anytime soon."


She smiled weakly. "Yes dear."

I exhaled, and moved forward to hug her. I seriously had to do something. I couldn't let my mom die like my sis had. She was the only family I had left. And also, I needed to cater for my baby. Something had to be done before it was too late. 

I pulled away, and returned her faint smile, heading to my room to continue seeking a job. If it meant for me to stay up all night, I was willing to do that. Keeping my family was all on me. 

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very interesting book.
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