Billionaire's Surrogate

Billionaire's Surrogate

By:  Praise Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
106 ratings
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*Not fully edited* They are billionaires. They are rich. They are childless. Jace Flores and Trisha Flores have been married for three years, but they have no child. They need an heir, but Trisha's infertile. They can't wait. What's the next step?Not thinking further, surrogacy is the next option. Surrogacy right? That's not an issue for a billionaire. But, what happens when this leads to an issue in their marriage? The loyal and humble husband starts to fall for their surrogate. What causes this sudden change? A reason. A long tolerated reason. Jill Grayson, their surrogate, isn't a bad person. She's only doing her job. Well, does her job end up being a job? Read to know more.

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user avatar
I read both of your books and am loving them gi can't wait for book 3 good work
2024-03-14 12:10:31
user avatar
Queen Harvey
Listen to audio, was ready a great listen!
2023-01-28 10:24:53
default avatar
Darlene Hardy
Very good book
2022-11-26 03:36:55
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good story line. Erks me that he gets over all her bad things. kinda makes him seem dumb.
2022-05-12 10:31:57
user avatar
Gwendolyn Pascual Clavel
love it. ready to start on The arranged bride. more power to you.
2021-12-09 19:27:13
user avatar
Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
oh what a wonderful story I read.
2021-09-11 22:45:02
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very nice, a lot of twist and some unexpectex turns.
2021-08-30 10:37:22
user avatar
Choo Anna
Always a fan of her u story author
2021-08-01 04:12:26
user avatar
Zimkhitha Oliphant
Love the the ending team Jall 😍😁
2021-07-01 04:50:37
default avatar
Venetia Bratley
Well done on your 2nd book, keep on writing 😉
2021-06-28 19:49:23
user avatar
Shyrah Moran
The book was very enjoyable 😉
2021-06-13 06:35:29
default avatar
Irene Reyes
What wonderful story!!! Love it!!!
2021-06-13 03:57:04
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Nicholine Baker
What a trip. This is my SECOUND time reading this book. Great writing as per-usual author. 🤗
2021-06-03 04:37:05
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love this author
2021-05-31 13:20:25
user avatar
I loved, loved, loved this story! ❤ Everything was good about it! The drama, the hate, being deceitful, the misunderstandings and the final results were wonderful. This was my type of story! Thanks 😊 Author. I'll be reading your other books also.
2021-05-15 04:23:27
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90 Chapters
One: Need to do something
Jill The thrust of the thick breeze of the evening, hit against my opened chest, causing a strong shudder to run down my spine. I wrapped my hands across my shoulder to form a warmth that wasn't available. Instead of worrying about the after effects of the coldness that struck me, I worried about something entirely different from that. All I could think of were the situations I was facing. My mom was sick on one hand, and on the other, my sister, Charlotte, had to leave us, and was pronounced as "dead." Life was a fucking shit.  The howling wind intensified, and caused more coldness in the air. About to get up to walk into the house, a tiny hand wrapped around my neck. It was going to be my four year old baby, Liam.  "What are you doing here?" His tiny voice sounded in my ear.  I smiled at the cuteness of his beautiful voice, and twirled to face hi
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Two: Get our result
Trisha The constant buzzing sound of my phone which was lying on the side table, interrupted me as Xander filled me with the desire I was craving for. It kept sounding in my ear like it was going to break anytime soon, or even explode.   "Who the heck is that shit?" Xander rolled his eyes, and pulled away from dwelling into my naked body.  I groaned in annoyance, and pulled the duvet across my chest, to cover my naked body. Grabbing the irritating phone from the table, I gasped and tried so hard to reduce my heavy pants.  I turned to Xander with widened eyes and mouth. "It's Jace!" I cried.  "So?" He mentioned grouchily, frowning from how my husband's phone call ruined our dazzling moment. "Fuck him! Fuck fuck him!"  I shifted to him, and pulled my hands across his mouth, to prevent him from uttering any
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Three: Gotta decide
Shanice POV "You black woman, get your ass out of this place now! How many times do I have to warn you to not see my son anymore?! You're not his type." Mr Edwards, my boyfriend's dad, taunted me for seeing his son again.  "I--I'm sorry sir." I turned to face the ground in complete embarrassment. "I just wanna have a word with him." "Hey. Wouldn't you leave now? Do you want me to call the police on you?" He threatened me again.  At that point, I became vexatious. How was it my problem that he didn't like the black race? It was his son I liked, not even him. Irritating man.  "Sir." I called, turning to look at him in the eye, frowning at him badly. "Just because you don't like me doesn't mean you can embarrass me, or doesn't mean your son should hate me as well." He furrowed his brow in shock. He probably didn't think I'd talk b
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Four: No. Way.
Jace The burning sensation in Trisha's eyes could be felt round my body. I was well prepared for whatever she was going to say when we got home. I seriously didn't know why she had a problem with coming to the hospital for a solution to get a child, but all I knew was that we needed one after three years of being married.  She glimpsed at me with her angry eyes, and immediately turned back to staring at the doctor. Her actions made me so sad, but at the point we were, I had decided to tolerate her attitude no matter what would happen.  Being barren wasn't a good thing at all, especially the fact that we could buy anything that needed money to pay for. How could a billionaire possibly not have an heir? So upsetting.  "This is your final result." The doctor cleared his throat, and stretched a packaged envelope to me.  I jerked out of my thoughts
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Five: I'll accept.
I turned from Trisha's dirty look, and set my gaze on the doctor. "We are doing this." I mentioned to him, and he let out a sigh.  "No. We aren't." She disagreed lucidly, facing the doctor too.  We glanced at each other with irky eyes, and turned back to the doctor. Frankly, we were a really terrible couple. But although we were so different in personality, I was ever willing to have her by my side.  "Mr Ford, we are doing it and it's final." I announced to the doctor, glaring at him like he was the one who got me angry.  Trisha stood from her seat, and hit her hands against the table. "We aren't!" She cried, panting like a mad animal.  At that point, all I needed to do was to give her some sweet talks. I knew my wife well enough. She wasn't an easy going person. Convincing her was the only option I had left.  "Woah woah." Mr For
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Six: Definitely unacceptable
Jill "Common!" Shanice snarled from the threshold of the door, holding Liam's hand in hers.  "Oh gosh." I whispered, packing the remaining documents the surrogate agency had asked for.  "Yes mom, common!" Liam cried with his tiny voice as well, causing me to chuckle. He was such a clown.  I rushed to arrange the documents into my bag, and hurried to them. "Oh Shanice, you're so troublesome. I told you I was coming." I ranted, grabbing my boy from her hold as we stepped out.  "Bye nanny!" Liam screamed to Maggie who was shutting the door as we trampled out of the house.  Shanice stopped a taxi driver immediately, and told him where we were heading for. Without wasting time, he asked us to enter the car. And soon, he was on the road.  I only hoped our appointment wasn't going to be
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Seven: No shit
Jill  I widened my eyes in shock, and suddenly began to cry within me. Why was she disagreeing? I thought they appreciated me. Honestly, as soon as I entered the doctor's office and my eye caught theirs, the wife of the big guys I wanted to do the surrogacy for, had been eyeing me crazily like she had known me a really long time ago. She stared like I had done something unacceptable to her in the past. Who the heck was she? Rich people, so disgusting! But at the point I was in my life, getting annoyed wasn't the best thing to do. I didn't even know the amount of money they were going to pay me. And staring at them, they seemed like they were going to give me some really great amount. And also, the doctor had said that it was their first child after three years of being married. I could imagine how determined they'd be. But with her actions, they weren't so determined after all.  
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Eight: We're doing this
"Jace!" She was finally able to cry, hurrying to her husband like a child who was about to weep for a chocolate. "Y-you see what this thing is doing? She's insulting me." I kept my simper, and badly tried to refrain from the itch to burst into laughter. She was actually crying like my Liam. That was a really weird thing from a grown up lady like her. I guessed it was one thing about rich people. They always pretended to be some strong guys, but they were truly fragile.  Her husband, Jace, didn't say anything but stare at her, looking so concerned for some reason. I was surprised by that because I expected him to yell back at me. His actions were so shocking. I thought all affluent and cute guys were cold all the time. Wow.  She screwed up her face at him and hit against his arm, which clearly made him jerk out of his thoughts. I wondered what he was thinking.  The doctor turned to me,
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Nine: Fear
Jace "What else do you want sir?" My secretary, Brittany, questioned again, arranging the jumbled files she had in her hands.  I sighed, almost getting frustrated as she kept on asking that. "Nothing." I said. "I'm fine for now. I'll let you know if I need anything. Ok?" "O--ok sir." She stuttered, and trampled out of my office.  I shook my head in disgust of how clumsy she always was, and decided to ignore it. No matter how tired or frustrated I could ever be, I never wanted to vent it on anyone.  I leaned the back of my head against my chair, and breathed out heavily again. I was just so tired of everything that was going on in my life.  After the day we went to the hospital for an implantation, every other day had been so terrible for me. Trisha started off by refusing to talk to me and also disturbed every of the worke
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Ten: Comfort
I gulped in, my chest vibrating from my hard heart beats, and my fingers turning cold as a result of my shivering state. Couldn't I seriously be my normal self? It literally wasn't the first time I'd have doubt about a particular thing. Why was I even so nervous? "Hello Mr Ford." I was finally able to say something. "How are you doing sir?" "Oh hi there." He greeted in his usual serious tone. "I'm doing very great. And you?" "Oh me? I--I'm doing fine." I lied, stuttering like I was being threatened to not speak.  "Alright then." He was quiet for a while, and that somewhat annoyed me. I could sense that he was doing something else over the phone. Did he think I was in for such shit? "So why did you call me now? What's up?" I broke the silence, being so impatient.  He still remained silent, exacerbating my confused and quaking sel
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