Chapter Four

Chapter Four 

The next morning, the sun coming through my windows, filling my room with a blindingly bright light woke me up. It wasn’t until I rolled over and checked the time that I realised how early it was. That’s one thing I hated about summer if I didn’t have any plans on being up early, was the fact that the sun rises WAY too early! 

I groaned as I pulled myself out of bed and slumped across the room to close the curtains that I had clearly forgotten to close last night. They were blackout ones though, so, as soon as they were pulled closed, the room went into darkness and, smiling happily, I went back to bed and fell back asleep again... 

**A few hours later **

I had finally rolled out of bed to start my day at about 9.30. I decided to have a nice hot bacon sandwich and a coffee for breakfast. Normally, I’d have cereal or something simple, but... I had the time, I had the bacon... So, why not?! 

While it cooked, I went and brushed my teeth, changed and grabbed my phone from the bedroom. Leaving it to charge for a bit in the living room while I finished up in the kitchen. It must have rained in the night because when I opened my balcony door, the ground was wet, but with the rising heat, it has just turned muggy outside now. 

It wasn’t until I sat down on the sofa, mouth full of meat and bacon that I remembered that I had an unread text message on my phone. I grabbed it and opened it up to see what it said. 

Andy: I’m sorry if you’re annoyed. I would like a second date if you do? Maybe next week at some point? :) 

And then about an hour after that one, he had sent another;

Andy: Well, I have an early start tomorrow, so, I'm going to head to bed. Night night. Let me know if you want that second date. 

The fact that he had messaged me twice and made it clear that he wanted a second made me feel slightly better about him cancelling today’s date. Maybe he was interested after all…

Me: sorry, I fell asleep last night. Yes, I’d like a second date. Just let me know when :) 

I didn’t get a reply, but if he was already at work, I wasn’t expecting him too. Normally, when he’s on nights he texts me when it's quiet, but, he had said they were busy recently, which, it was summer, so I could well believe it, I wasn’t expecting a response until this evening. 

I had no plans tonight, I had a ton of housework that needed to be done that I had, admittedly, been neglecting for the past few days, and a mountain of washing waiting to be cleaned. 

The excitement was overwhelming(!)

After I finished breakfast, I took my cup and plate into the kitchen and started filling the sink. While the water ran, I went and grabbed my linen basket from my bedroom, leaving the one in the bathroom for now, and brought that back to the kitchen as well. 

My day just went from there really…


It was getting into the late afternoon and I decided I was going to order myself a take away for dinner. It was payday tomorrow and I had some extra money left over, so, why not treat myself. Scrolling through the options on my phone, I decided to just have a simple McDonalds and made my order. 

Almost as soon as I paid, Andy messaged me:

Andy: Hey, Just got home after my shift. Bloody shattered. How was your day? Also, Glad to know you want a second date, you must like me after all ;) 

Me: When did I say I didn’t like you? :p My day was good, just boring. Yours?

Andy: Well, you got a bit blunt last night and then vanished. I started to worry :P Apart from being busy, it was ok, thanks. 

Me: What did you do? Save any lives today? :D

Andy: Well, I helped a woman give birth to a baby girl, Rushed someone in to hospital who had a massive cut on their leg from a SAMURAI SWORD!! And some other slightly less interesting incidences. 

A samurai sword?! Jesus christ!!!! 

Me: Wow! Sounds eventful!! Awww, babies are cute, was that your first one? Also.. samurai sword?! That’s dangerously random! 

Andy: Trust me in my job, it's not as random as you think. London is full of weirdos!! And Nah, I’ve helped deliver a fair few little ones. 

That was SO cool!  

We just carried on talking for what felt like hours about everything he had got up to today and all the crazy things he had to deal with, basically on a daily basis. It clearly wasn’t hours obviously, because before I knew it, someone was buzzing at my door and it took me a moment to remember about my dinner. 

I went and collected my food and came back inside. As soon as the smell hit my nose, my stomach rumbled. I sat back down on the sofa and pulled out my fries, eating them handfuls at a time. It was the only way. They were still hot and the grease on them burned my lips… but it was worth it. 

Andy: So, What are you doing tonight?

Me: Not much really, what about you? 

Andy: Same, just relaxing after my long shift :) 

Me: Fair enough... So.. Before our date, did you have much luck with OkCupid? 

I was curious. I hadn’t. Not really. I spoke to a few guys, but in the long run, they were all just timewasters. While I waited for his reply, I dug into my burger, letting out a physical moan of satisfaction as the taste  

Andy: I go on a few dates here and there, but nothing too serious :) 

Wait.. ‘’go on’’? Not ‘’been on’’?

Me: Go on? 

Andy: Yeah, I’m dating some nice women, is that a problem? 

He’s already dating a bunch of people?!... 

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