Chapter Six

Chapter Six 

** A Week Later **

I was nervously getting ready for my second date with Andy. I had been thinking over the past few days about what I should wear… and, I was nervous about seeing him again. It was weird, he made me feel... Good but uncomfortable at the same time. I don’t know why he seems like a good guy but at the same time... I don’t feel… 100% completely safe with him. 

I couldn’t put my finger on why though... 

Shaking the thoughts away, I walked into my bedroom and pulled the clothes I had decided to wear out of the closet and laid them on my bed. Since we were going bowling, I didn’t want to be overdressed, so I went with jeans, but since it was a date, I paired it with some knee-high boots and a cute top. 

I smiled to myself and went and sat at my dresser to do my hair and make up. Andy wasn’t due to come till 6.30 and it was only 5 now, but I needed to have plenty of time to make sure I looked good enough for him. 

I started with my face, and then straightened my hair, and after a little while, I was done and ready to get dressed. I kept clock watching, making sure I wasn’t falling behind and running late, but when 6 o’clock rolled around and I still hadn’t had any messages off Andy, I began worrying again. 

It had been hours since I last text him, so, I decided to just shoot him a quick one to make sure that we were still on; 

Me: Hey Andy. Hope you had a good day :) I’m really ready, I hope you’re looking forward to our second date as much as I am :) 

I sent it and put my phone down again. Waiting for a text message makes a minute seem like an hour and 5 minutes seem like an eternity. 

I just tried to forget about it and went and got changed... 

Half past 6 rolled around… and then quarter to 7… then 7…. Then quarter passed. I just sat and waited, I had no text messages, no nothing. Andy stood me up. Again. 

By half 7, I had enough and went to the bathroom to take my make up off. I was so angry... And upset, but... Strangely, not surprised. It's only our second date and I’m not surprised that he hasn’t even turned up... That’s great for the future, isn’t it? 

I put my hair up in a messy bun and cleaned my face. Sighing, taking another look at myself in the mirror. 

This guy wasn’t worth my time. 

I walked back over to my closet and grabbed some Pyjamas. There was no point staying in uncomfortable clothes if I had nowhere to go. 

I unzipped my boots and took them off, but just as I was pulling my top off, someone knocked on my door. I looked over at the clock, quarter to 8. If this was him, I’ll… Hell, I don’t know what I’d do… 

Grabbing my hoodie and pulling it on, I hurried to my front door. Opening it without checking who it was and sure enough, there he was. 

‘Andy?’ I asked, annoyance clear in my voice. He just smiled at me like nothing was wrong. 

‘Hey, you ready to go?’ I scoffed and went to close my door again, but he put his foot in between it, stopping me. ‘What's wrong?” I pulled the door open and just stared at him, completely dumbfounded. 

‘Are you for real? This would have been our second date and it's the second date you’re fucking late too! You were meant to be here at 6.30. I haven’t heard anything from you and now over an hour late, you turn up on my doorstep and expect me to just follow you blindly?’ 

‘Calm down’. He chuckled as if this was some sort of joke. 

‘Get lost Andy’. I tried to close the door again, but I still couldn’t.  When I looked back at his face, it was like... It had changed. He didn’t even look like him anymore... 

‘Don’t you ever talk to me like that again, you understand?!’. My insides went cold at the anger and hate in his voice, so I nodded quickly and apologised to break the tension and he smiled. ‘Good, Get your shoes on, let’s go’. 

‘O-ok’. I was honestly fucking terrified of him at this point, so, I just did what he said. The sooner we went, the sooner I could come home and just forget all about him. 

I walked back to my bedroom, and he stayed in my doorway. It was weird, as soon as I apologised, he completely changed his attitude again and was ‘’normal’’. I decided to just put my converses on, and I didn’t care about how I looked anymore either. 

I took a few deep breaths before I left the room and walked back towards him standing where I left him, in my doorway. As soon as he saw me, he smiled and stepped away from the door. I grabbed my bag off the side and we headed out. I locked the door behind myself and followed Andy down to the car park. 

I followed him, keeping a few steps behind him, but I was more than surprised when he took me to a van. That uncomfortable feeling started to creep up on me again. A big, black van… no back windows... Weird… 

‘Wanna see something cool?’ I shrugged, really not feeling in the mood to talk. He pulled the back door open and showed me the inside... It was basically a bedroom… weirder… 


‘I work nights, I turned this into a bedroom for when I have breaks at work’. I ohhh’ed. That made sense I suppose. He just grinned at me and closed the door again, opening mine for me. I reluctantly climbed in and he shut it again before walking around and getting in on his own side. 

As we started to head off, the opposite way to where the bowling alley was, the uncomfortable feeling turned into fear. 

What the fuck is going on? 

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