When Billionaires meet
When Billionaires meet
Author: Faith Odulesi

Chapter 1: Meeting my arranged spouse

"Remember not to be too harsh Karen, smile a bit too and maybe even laugh." Kylie Benson warned her twenty-three year old daughter for the umpteenth time. Karen, on the other hand clicked the button on her electronic key, bringing the doors to her eye-catching matte white, glistening black exterior bugatti veyron mansory vivere, open.

"Yes mother." She rolled her eyes and walked into the vehicle after a few strides.

Kylie leaned in, "Are you sure you don't want me to get you a driver or maybe even have someone escort you?" She asked in a panicked voice. She had all reasons to be unsettled. This was not the first arranged date for Karen and her suggestions were based off past experiences.

Karen ignored her with a smirk, pulling the tinted window up and causing her to jerk her head away in a swift motion. Without wasting any more time, she zoomed off, watching her mother yell some instructions through the side view mirror, instructions she couldn't hear.

Okay, husband, let's meet. She thought.


Karen pulled into the parking lot of the gigantic hotel and stared warily at it from her rearview mirror. He wanted to meet here, really? Some way to make a good first impression.

She set the car to park, before turning its engine off.

Grabbing her hand bag seated next to her and hooking its handle around one of her wrists. She alighted the car and locked it shut.

The sunshades she'd hooked on her shirt was removed and put back on her face. She looked in her handbag to see if her sanitizer was in it, check.

With her perfect pose, she walked into the hotel and got ready to meet her supposed future partner. She hoped that unlike many suitors her parents had arranged for her, he wasn't going to flee.

There was a huge full length mirror in the reception and she paused a bit to check herself out. Her grey skirt was almost at her feet but it stopped just a few inches away from it. It was matched with an identical grey suit and a white T-shirt tucked into her skirt. Her short, brown hair stopped right where her face ended and one side of it was tucked behind her ear.

"Not bad." She mumbled to herself with a smirk and resumed walking. She brought her phone out of her bag and proceeded to dialing the guy with the name, 'Arranged spouse 15', saved to her phone.

He answered almost immediately, "You here yet?"

"I wouldn't call you if I weren't. Where are you?" She asked, still walking in no known direction.

"Ask for directions to the hotel's major pool." He said, his voice cracking a bit.

"Alright then." She shrugged and hung up. Usually, She despised unnecessary communication with people but if it was to meet the guy whose name she didn't care to remember as quickly as she could, then she was in.

"Excuse me?" She called to a man standing warily beside her. He turned around and examined her with a sweet smile.

"Do you want something?" He asked, folding both his hands in front of him.

"Um yeah I do. Can you direct me to the hotel's major pool?"

"Sure. It's just about there, you turn to your left, walk straight a bit, find an exit and there you go. You're welcome." He said and didn't wait for her to even thank him before leaving.

Well, that was easy.

She followed his directions and it led her straight to another world in that hotel. She would say impressive, but she'd seen better.

It was not so hard to recognize arranged spouse fifteen. The first man she spotted fit the description and image of him she had on her phone. With a sigh, she took off her sunshades and hooked them back on her shirt, walking towards him in slow and exaggerated steps.

There was an empty chair seated directly opposite from him and she assumed it was preserved for her. She eyed him up and down when she stood in front of him. He didn't notice her presence since his sunshade covered face was glued to his phone screen that he seemed so engrossed in.

"Ahem?" She said, banging the table a bit. Her action caused him to flinch a little and she almost laugh but decide against it. Like her, he instantly got rid of his sunglasses when he met her gaze. He stood to his feet and attempted to hug her.

Since courtesy demanded it, she received the gesture.

"Whoa you're taller than the five feet, ten inches I was told you were." He voiced with a chuckle.

"I'm wearing heels." She pointed out, sitting on the empty chair, leaving him to stand alone. He pulled his chair back a bit and sat on it.

"You're even taller than me." He said with a small laughter.

"I'm wearing heels." She repeated in the same voice, a bit emotionless.

"So I have an operation this evening and I hate to leave my patients waiting." She started, setting her handbag neatly on her laps. "So let's get this over with as quick as we can."

"True. I have a club party this night as well so I second that." He nodded in understanding.

"Good." She shrugged.

"Good then." He took the same action.

"So. . ." They both said in unison.

"You first." They echoed in harmony and she fought back from rolling her eyes.

"Ladies first." They both said again and this time, she gladly rolled her eyes.

"So," she began. "Let me set things straight. You know the reason for this marriage right? Both our parents are desperate bitches and are overly pressuring." She told him and he nodded in agreement.

"So I'm getting married to you." She added.

"Right." He nodded. "Any rules you've got because trust me, I've got them plenty."

"I'm marrying you just for the sake of it, okay? I'm still going to live my life the way I do right now. I always have work and most of my life is spent at the hospital so don't fucking question me when I'm home late." She crossed her legs, spinning the sunglasses around her index finger.

"Good. You see I'm not like the other rich folks." He started, "All my life is party. I'll party all night long, club any fucking time and I don't want you questioning my whereabouts or the amount of chicks I bang every day."

"Works for me." She nodded, "So far they're not in my matrimonial home, I'm good." She added dismissively, standing to her feet and getting ready to leave.

He stood as well and he extended  his hands for a shake, "Wow, I don't think I've ever met a partner this perfect."

"Me neither." She chuckled, accepting his hand.

"You might want to get rid of those heels though, I'm not sure I fancy my fiancee towering over me." He disconnected their hands while she took a mental note to use a sanitizer when she was done.

"I do what I want." She shook her head, "I didn't get your name?"

"Cole. It's Cole." He informed her.

Alright then. She waved him off and got ready to find her way out of there, sanitizing her hands and changing his name on her phone to, 'Cole that might work.'

This might actually work.

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