When Billionaires meet

When Billionaires meet

By:  Faith Odulesi   Ongoing
Language: English
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Cole Britt only wanted one night stands with women he could please with his money. Karen Benson wasn't one of those women, she was a billionaire with the perfect body. An arranged marriage that was supposed to bind them forever fails and when they meet a second time, Karen Benson is no longer the soft heart he knew. She is back, harsh, stronger and prepared for payback... or is she going to fall in love with him this time?

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72 Chapters
Chapter 1: Meeting my arranged spouse
"Remember not to be too harsh Karen, smile a bit too and maybe even laugh." Kylie Benson warned her twenty-three year old daughter for the umpteenth time. Karen, on the other hand clicked the button on her electronic key, bringing the doors to her eye-catching matte white, glistening black exterior bugatti veyron mansory vivere, open. "Yes mother." She rolled her eyes a
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Chapter 2: Let's be married bachelors
"Dude, that chick is totally giving you the eyes!" Donald beamed, nudging Cole's shoulders excitedly so he could turn to look at the supposed girl in question. He looked at her and like claimed, she was winking at him and doing all of those flirty body signs. He winked back at her and she pretended to hide her giggles behind her hand.
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Chapter 3: Cole is calling
"Are you afraid?" Faith asked as they both washed their hands before the operation. Her voice startled Karen since the room had been nothing but silent all along.  Of course she was afraid, but she was most certainly not admitting that to her best friend, "Excuse you. I've not failed when it comes to surgery." She chuckled, meaning every word. It was true, she never had
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Chapter 4: Family dinner
"He's calling me." Karen whispered. "Well answer it!" Faith whispered back. Karen stared between her friend, and the phone with furrowed eyebrows but eventually picked it up, answered it and put it to her ear. 
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Chapter 5: My husband and a blonde
It was the next day which meant it was officially time for the family dinner that Kylie had informed her daughter about. Karen on the other hand wasn't looking forward to it at all. "You know, if you keep up with that face, your in laws will you think you have a resting frowning face." Faith told her as she helped her get ready for the dinner. 
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Chapter 6-7: Let's finish up, shall we?
Karen blinked multiple times. The duo was yet to notice her presence. Cole was supporting the petite girl by holding her waist. She knew she was supposed to interrupt them but for some reason, her feet were glued to the floor and she had strange interest to know where this would lead. It wasn't surprising that they couldn't notice her. The bedroom was huge and with th
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Chapter 8: My son is a virgin
"What was that scream about my dear?" A worried Elizabeth demanded an answer from Karen after she returned to the table to join the family. Karen forced a smile, suddenly feeling the need to protect Cole's secret. "It was nothing, dude was just… I mean, Cole was startled to see me so he reacted in that line." She lied. 
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Chapter 9: let's get married
Cole moved to stand beside her. His face possesed no sort of emotions and one would think he was unaffected by her minor sentence. He gripped her wrist and pulled her hand away from her ear, even though she was still holding her phone.He took the phone from her and ended the call.
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Chapter 10: only three days away
Cole and Karen headed downstairs after their room meeting to join the rest of the family. It had been an eventful one and Elizabeth's reaction after Karen had told her the wedding was approved and could carry on, was indefinable. She acted like it was her first time breathing without life support. Karen's parents, her mother to be specific, was a lot more drawn into the
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Chapter 11: A big wedding? Not on my watch
"Are you crazy mum? Why the sudden rush?" Karen shifted in her seated position, a frown drawn on her elegant face as she pulled her eyebrows in a union direction. With her free hand, she tucked her short, brown hair away from her face and behind her ear. That gave her phone more space and she pressed her fingers tighter around it, gritting her teeth and clenching her
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