Chapter 5

"I got a place to stay,"  Sofia told Riya.

"Did you accept Mr. martin proposal ??" Riya looked at  Sofia

"Yes, it will not be easy, but that's what I can do now."

"You're right, from what you told me that boy is not easy."

"Today he'll come here, I'll teach him how to get a job!"

Riya laughed and continued cleaning the tables.

"I do not believe people like that exist, so rich that they do not even know what to do to get a job, I'll tell you what you need, courage, go after someone, and accept it the job!"

"Nowadays, you need the experience to have experience." Riya laughed at  Sofia's comment.

"Truth," Riya agreed.

"Come on, time to open the store!"  Sofia said.


after hours working Vernon appears in the cafe, he was in Alex's house all day killing time.

"Where were you? It was for you to show up here at 7 a.m., it's already 3 o'clock." Hatred took care of  Sofia's body that

boy he doesn't even under threats of cutting his money.

"I was at a friend's house. ..." he said without concern in his face, he seemed sleepy as if he had slept all afternoon.

"Oh my gosh I hate you,"  Sofia said as she walked back behind the counter.

"Believe me; the feeling is reciprocal!" Vernon replied.

"I do not have time for you now, did you do what I asked?"

"A resume? Who needs it when you're rich?" Vernon said bragging.

"Yeah, yeah, try to get a job with your rich title!"

"If I can get what I get?"


"Knowing that you're going to hate to congratulate me, it does!" Vernon left the shop, smiling all full of himself.

 Sofia rolled her eyes and continued the work, Riya looked from far away and laughed at the situation her friend was in.


Vernon was walking around the brand stores he always bought, it was the perfect place, working on Gucci, this job was already won, nobody was more perfect to work with fashion than he is, after all, he is the best at it.

"I'm sorry Mr Vernon, your father informed us that we should not give you a job just for being his son, and honestly, you have no way with people."

"Of course I have. I'm sincere!"

" say that the person is fat like a whale's pacifier, or that she is so old that even the wheel had not been invented is not sincerity, it's rude, I'm sorry, sir!" the saleswoman bowed and turned to go back to work.

"Damn it ... it's not my fault if people are sensitive." he said coming out of the store.

Vernon looked in other stores of famous brands, but the answers were similar; he could not stand to walk, he was standing for 30 minutes already, the sun was strong, he did not want to ruin the expensive Gucci shoes walking around.

so he took a taxi, but as soon as he came in he remembered that he had no money and his cards had actually been blocked, so the taxi driver kicked him out.

"no education ..." Vernon wiped his clothes that were not even dirty, pretending that nothing had happened he took his cell phone and called his friends, and guess what? None of them was allowed to help.

This girl ruined my life.

it was already past 6 pm and nothing, Vernon was dead, he was thirsty, and without money to return home, it seems that he was going to have to walk anyway.

when he got home his father and the restaurant girl was having dinner and talking happily.

"Son, how good to see you, come join us." Mr Martin said, smiling.

"no thanks! I'm not hungry." just in time, his stomach rumbled loudly, making everyone look in his direction, including the employees who giggled.

Vernon felt compelled to sit at the table and began to eat like a madman.

"Looks like your day was pretty full!"  Sofia spoke with a sly grin on her face. Vernon ignored her and continued eating.

"did you get the job Vernon?" she asked with that annoying smile on her face, she already knew the answer, so Vernon took a loaf of bread and stuffed it into her mouth, and with surprise, she just swallowed.

dinner ended, and the two of them went upstairs to their rooms, which were next to each other,  Sofia and Vernon took their baths, the two were dead, lying in their beds, but different from Vernon,  Sofia was working there.

she had to help Vernon get a job, had to show progress to his father, if not, for sure he would cut off relations with her, and would stop helping her. she had already been transferred to the same college as Vernon.

One more thing to bother me.

 Sofia got up and went to the next room, he needed a resume, no one was going to be listening to him bragging about the money he has, and that does not help either of them.  Sofia knocked on the door and nothing, so she decided to enter.

Vernon was snoring open-mouthed with half of his body out of bed,  Sofia grabbed a cushion and slapped him in the face, causing him to panic and fall to the floor screaming and rising quickly in a ridiculous fighting pose.

"calm down,  kong fu panda"  Sofia said laughing at the boy's battered face.

"What restaurant girl?"

"You need a job, and I will not give up until you get one, and the sooner you get less, I'll get on your foot!"  Sofia went toward the notebook that was on the desk and opened.

"Hey!" Vernon protested.

"Let's go, Vernon, what you can to be useful?"

"Well ... I'm incredibly beautiful and sexy," he said, smiling.

 Sofia rolled her eyes...

This is going to be a long night.

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