Spoiled billionaire's innocent Bride

Spoiled billionaire's innocent Bride

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Sofia Sometimes thinks what did she do to deserve a life like this. She did not choose to be like this. It was not her mistake that she has no one no family or relatives. Sometimes she wishes she also did not make it as her parents died. So she didn't have to go through so hate and disgusting word that through on her every single day since she was young. At a young age, she was crushed by society and thrown toward poverty. All she wanted was to complete her college and get a job of her dreams.Vernon, a rich Hair, bully her to the core; He had no sympathy for her. He is a rich brat who loves to play around with people heart, a campus prince. " He has two sides which one which he shows to the world and second, which he hides it from everyone out there.When they both crossed the path, he thought of her as a poor gold-digger who is after him and his father for money, but as time pass, she becomes something more. She helps him show his true side to the world, but maybe God has written her fate with blood ?” Does she only have darkness ??

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sofia Sometimes thinks what did she do to deserve a life like this. She did not choose to be like this. It was not her mistake that she has no one, no family or relatives. Sometimes she wishes she also did not make it as her parents died. So she didn't have to go through so hate and disgusting word that thrown on her every single day since she was young. 
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Chapter 2
Tears rolled down one by one from her eyes, but she cleaned the table and everything. She walked inside with her head down as people start to whispering and bad mouth her. Sofia dumped her dirty plates in the sink and fall on the ground crying her heart out.
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Chapter 3
After returning home, Sofia went into the bathroom to take a shower, with the exhausted body, she steps under the shower, feeling warm water remove the smell of sweat and all. After a relaxing bath she turns off the shower, but suddenly her feet slipped, and she landed on the hard floor of the bathroom, A small shriek left her mouth, and her leg throbbed with pain. 
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Chapter 4
Vernon was driving furiously on the road as if the road was his; again he had fought with his father, he could not stand those shit.Gulping down the sixth bottle of liquor down his throat, his fist
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Chapter 5
"I got a place to stay,"  Sofia told Riya."Did you accept Mr. martin proposal ??" Riya looked at  Sofia"Yes, it will not be easy, but that's what I can do now.""You're right, from what you told me that boy is not easy.""Today he'll come here, I'll teach him how to get a job!"Riya laughed and continued cleaning the tables."I do not believe people like that exist, so rich that they do not even know what to do to get a job, I'll tell you what you need, courage, go after someone, and accept it the job!"
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Chapter 6
This is ridiculous, no one can speak so many languages!"  Sofia said surprise, according to Vernon he knew how to speak 12 languages." if you count on the tongue of the lady-killer! " he said, smiling and raising his eyebrows."Oh my God,"  Sofia continued writing on the notebook. "I think that's fine, thank your father for giving you a good education, I have experience, but your resume is still better than mine.  "  Vernon did not want to admit it but she was right, his parents always gave him all the good and the best
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Chapter 7
The next day Vernon did not remember very well what had happened, he had woken up naked but decided to give up trying to understand, took a shower and went down to eat. Sofia looked at the spoiled boy coming down the stairs and incredibly he did not look with a hangover.At least that, so I'll have to lie less."So Vernon,  Sofia was telling me she loved college yesterday! and that you showed her the whole place.""uhum" Vernon said a little surprised that she had lied to him, he was expecting a scream in the morning because he had missed it."This fool here has no senso of dire
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Chapter 8
I think the next step is to get him back to therapy." mr. Martin said."This is going to be harder Mr. Martin."  Sofia didn't want to tell him that Vernon wasn't going to college every day, and that she was already tired of his stubbornness, but she would try for Mr. Martin, he was like a father to her.It was Friday,  Sofia had called for work and warned that she wouldn't go, she was not well, and the plan was to get closer to that spoiled fool, so he would listen her  more.mission almost impossible."Vernon?" She knocked on the door and no one answered."I'm going in." sh
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Chapter 9
aaaah! that hurts, you crazy."  Sofia kept hitting Vernon's shoulder as he ran down the house."It hurts? good!" she said giving another slap. "I can not believe you brought me here against my will."
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Chapter 10
 Sofia hurried to get up and move away from Ninja, probably it was just a moment, a moment that Vernon had spoiled with pleasure. Sofia noticed a mischievous grin on his face, she knew he had done it on purpose, and that made her more angry, because he was getting into things that concern her and only her?"You're welcome" Vernon said as  Sofia passed him and went back to the campfire where the rest of the boys were." Sofia, you got here just in time, eat." James gave a few pieces of meat and baked potatoes to  Sofia, smiling she gladly
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