Chapter 55


"I must say you've changed drastically." Daniel mumbled as they walked down the street with cups of Coffee in their hands. She arched her eyebrows briefly.

"The same can be said for you too." She remarked.

"Oh well,thanks to my past life." He smiled but she ignored it. Choosing to pay attention to even the slightest act he orchestrated.

"I have a son." He muttered in a solemn tone.  "John,a six year old." His eyes were fixed upfront. She knew he wasn't ready to face her from the guilt that consumed him. On the other hand,she was shocked and failed miserably in handling the bombshell. There was also the pain that sprang up in her chest too.

"Congrats." Was all she could force her nerves to say. He gazed at her.

"That didn't come from your heart." He remarked.

"And how do you know that?" She retorted. Her palms secretly clenching.

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