My Greatest Regret
My Greatest Regret
Author: Happy
First meeting .

(This story based on soulmates, In this book you will find everything will be like a Werewolf story, but In this book, the mates are claimed by kissing on their lips Once they claim each other by kissing there bond start increasing, But there is no wolf. )


 "Papa does two people who are soulmates, they really treat each other with love "

Asher, Aaron's 5-year-old son, asked.

"yes, my son, do they love each other very very much."

"But Dad is not you are mum soulmates then why doesn't she loves you" Aaron had a sad smile on his face.

"your mom loves me, son, she loves me too much, she is angry with me now, I made a massive mistake in my "Talking about it made his eyes bluer with tears.

"then give mum lots of kisses and apologies to her then she will forgive you", Jason said cutely with a small smile.

"baby sometimes when you broke someone heart much time a simple sorry doesn't mean it baby" He spoke wiping his tears secretly

Looking at his son's face, which had a confused look. He laughed sadly.

"came here baby "he called him settling him down in his lap he said thoughtfully.

"son never hurt your mate's heart, Her heart deserves to be treated with special care, always protect her, promise her that you'll protect her from any harm, promise her that you will never stop making her smile ." He hugged his son, his eye was filled with tears and was flowing down his cheek.

"don't do the same mistake your father did "

6 years ago



"Riyaaaa~~" the beautiful Little girl calls her best friend who turned to her only to be engulfed in a bear hug.


"Finally I got to see your highness", Grace said sarcastically at her bestie Riya.

"Aww I am sorry Grace, but i can't make time in my life after meeting my Justin. You know how much attention he wants from me and being my soulmate, he became possessive over me." Riya pouted, but her eyes showed adoration while talking about her lovely mate.

'How lucky' Grace thought every time she saw Riya. Her mate Justin no one is as whipped as him for Riya. He is so cold towards everyone but became soft as a marshmallow to Grace. They are the sweetest couple.

"Hey guys" Sofia, her other best friend who also has a lovely mate named Alex, he's the kindest person he ever knew,, he is also whipped for Sofiia calling her pet names and showing affection every single opportunity he gets. They are perfect.

She's so happy for her friends for finding loving and caring mates, She also wished to get a loving and caring mate who cherishes her and respects her. She believes every mate loves their other half the most and seeing her friends mate hers got stronger, she can't wait to meet her other half.

She wants to be in his arms and wants to be loved by her mate, she wants her mate to cherish her and kiss her lovingly, want her mate to call her pet names.

She wants to make a family with her mate, And to make him happy. She wants to also feel love and be enjoyed. She wanted to be marked by her mate. To feel pleasure by her mate.

She smiles. She can't wait for all of that to happen.


Grace comes out of her thoughts to see Rays and Sofia shouting at her face, she smiles sheepishly. It's not the first time she's spacing out so they just sigh and pet shoulder knowing what she's thinking.

"Let's go to the club tonight" Sofia announced and Riya immediately nodded, but Grace declined because they both are mated, so it's not a problem for them, but she's unmated, and a beautiful one many hungry Men's want to claim her and she can't risk going there.

Her best friends insisted saying they will always be with her and protect her, so she doesn't have to worry about that, she hesitated at first but nodded seeing they are meeting after 3 months, so it's fair to enjoy being together cause you never know when you will meet again.


They are right now sitting in the club enjoying together, but after a while, her friends are drunk as hell, they are dancing like crazy, and the Men's eyes never leave them, but they don't dare do anything seeing the proud marks on their necks.

She sighs, 'we will protect you' that's what they said, but looking at them and the hungry eyes they are the one who needs protection right now. She calls their mates and informs them about the situation, and they hurriedly cut the call to come faster before something happened to their mates.

She's so happy for them but can't help the jealousy creep through her, she also wants someone to get worried for her, to get scared of losing her, to love her...

She went towards their friends that were dancing like crazy at the dance floor, but before she reached there she smelled the most alluring scent that made her insides feel butterflies, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath of that scent.

She feels her legs getting weak. She wants to go and find the scent's owner. She was feeling happy, and finally, she thought her mate was nearby...

She wants to run around to find her mate But she can't, her legs won't allow her to go, she feels immense happiness that finally she finds her mate.

And then heard someone say 


She heard her mate's sexy deep growl and turned around to get her eyes widened in shock. Her mate is a full course meal looking so hot and handsome, she smiles shyly at him...

Her mate came towards her with red like eyes, full-on dominant mode, grabbed her waist and took a deep breath of her scent and smiled in satisfaction at the sweetest honey and blueberry with a touch of red wine mixing making it the most alluring and intoxicating scent.

Sofia giggled in joy her eyes became teary, oh how many years she waits for this moment to be in her mate's arms and feel his warmth and protection surrounded by her wet wood and forest after a rain like a scent which is so different but so addicting.

"What's your name, Little girl", her mate asked in his deep voice and red eyes.

"G-Grace, ." She whispered and felt like she couldn't even talk. Her body is on fire.

"Aaron and you're mine now".

With that, Aaron tilted his head slightly and kissed her pink lips. 

Without even thinking about the consequences, he was controlled by the bond and wanted to claim his mate.

Grace can't be happier. She was on cloud nine, she finally found her other half who wants her and will love her forever, now she won't be alone...

Oh, how wrong she was...

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Jazsime Angeles
How did Grace become Sofia and Aaron become Jason? The mixing of the tenses is also annoying. I understand that you are under pressure to get the chapters out but you need to check and edit them more carefully please because it's an awesome story.
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Marcie Hutchison
why are we mixing present tense and past tense
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Marcie Hutchison
She went to her freinds dancing like a couple of sexy loons ,however before she reached them.

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