My Greatest Regret

My Greatest Regret

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Two people in Marriage create beautiful bond called Love , soulmate god choose a mate for you . preview "Good morning" she mumbled softly smiling.She look up when she got no reply or any movement from her mate Aaron.Aaron remove his arms around her and suddenly sat up. "What the -!"he muttered when realization hit him."A-Aaron what happened" Grace asked nervously getting up from her laying position."! !How did it happened" Aaron pull his hair in frustration.Grace bite her she don't know what to do or think of Aaron reaction. he didn't regret it right? No don't think like this Grace. She won't yeah she can't. think positive.But her hope crumbled with Aaron next words."I am sorry ""W-why?" she hold her breath don't want to hear the next words. She's not ready she can't take it."I was not in my right mind, i lost control again. I didn't want to do this. I am sorry"Aaron's every word was scratching her heart painfully. its painfully. So hurt."B-but we are m-married and you are my mate, it's alright right? I-It's normal in c-couple then why are you s-sorry?" She was already tearing from inside."But we are not a couple Grace!!" He shouted standing up."I didn't even wanted a mate at the first place!!" he said pacing back and forth. Grace tears started running down from her cheeks."Look, i-it was just a mistake. Don't take it seriously. Just think it didn't happen and we are good. ." He said and just stormed out of the room.Grace grab her chest that was hurting painfully. A mistake. That was it?The night she was so happy she was peaceful. Where she feel loved and wanted from her mate.... was just a mistake.

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I really enjoyed this book. The unstable relationship between Grace and Aaron was heartbreaking but the willingness to fight for their relationship was remarkable. I will say, his mother would have tasted her own abuse.
2021-01-02 12:44:20
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Lilian Mizsei
I enjoyed all of your books.
2020-11-23 11:16:44
user avatar
Jasleen Saini
I really love this story. Writer really did a good job. Worth reading it. Full of emotions (sadness, love, betrayal n more).
2020-11-05 02:54:58
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Shivani Jain
to tell u the truth I am not a big fan of novel I like stories with lots of pictures but love this book as I can myself imagine characters in short grt story keep up the good work ❣❣❣❣
2020-09-16 03:15:37
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dear your story line is great,don't think anything else,anybody can write perfect english but only a brilliant writer can write a great story even she/he has their own flaws
2020-09-15 01:53:43
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Just finished the book. Wow the emotive writing was fantastic. Lots of tears for Grace as I read. It does need editing but I loved it. Thanks
2020-08-28 17:08:18
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This book is great... so happy that I found it!
2020-08-26 20:15:14
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yegireddi devika
heart broken, sad nil want's this type of life. soo sad. o gr
2020-08-23 22:30:40
user avatar
Seema Gupta
Ye dil bhi kitna pagal h ye pyaar tumhi se krta h???
2020-08-17 19:08:22
user avatar
Ora Mcgrew
I simply love this book
2020-08-16 01:18:04
default avatar
Rosalinda Quintero
Yes they are good books but they are robbing us. I spend to much money and didn’t get to read all of it. I had already spend 60.00 or more and didn’t finish the book.
2020-08-07 21:42:14
user avatar
Didi Salazar
this was actually a good book but sorry it charges to much to read your book will be my last
2020-08-05 18:30:05
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Courtney Wray
Nice story but horribly edited. In my opinion costs way too much to keep reading.
2020-07-27 06:54:39
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This love story is so exciting and full of tension.
2020-07-21 11:20:06
user avatar
Angel Whaley
I am really into it cried a few times
2020-07-16 21:34:57
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51 Chapters
First meeting .
(This story based on soulmates, In this book you will find everything will be like a Werewolf story, but In this book, the mates are claimed by kissing on their lips Once they claim each other by kissing there bond start increasing, But there is no wolf. )"PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW. " "Papa does two people who are soulmates, they really treat each other with love "Asher, Aaron's 5-year-old son, asked."yes, my son, do they love each other very very much.""But Dad is not you are mum soulmates then why doesn't she loves you" Aaron had a sad smile on his face."your mom loves me, son, she loves me too much, she is angry with me now, I made a massive mistake in my "Talking about it made his eyes bluer with tears."then give mum lots of kisses and apologies to her then she will forgive you", Jason said cutely with a small smile."baby sometimes when you broke someone heart much time a simple sorry doesn't mean it baby" He spoke wiping his tears secretlyLooking at his son's face, which had
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Wanted his love{2}
That's what Grace thought when she found Aaron, her mate, She thought now everything will be fine, now the emptiness in her heart will be gone, now she will also experience the feeling of a mate.When they love you wholeheartedly, they will give you attention or want yours, they will go for dates and have fun, get to know each other and all that clićhe things she dreamed of doing.But.....Why does it feel empty then? Why she doesn't feel anything, where is the love, the dates and all that she's been dreaming for.Why Aaron doesn't even look at her properly, why he avoids her the day he claims her as his mate, why he doesn't love her or even smile at her. Why she's so close but so far away from him.Why he's so distant even after their two years of marriage.Yes, they married. Aaron asked her to marry him because he already marked her and doesn't have any choice, right he said that.He said he was not in his right mind, the bond was controlling him, he doesn't even want a fucking mate
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Being loved (3)
That night Grace feels Aaron close to her at every angle, she feels her mate loving her and cherishing her, made her feel wanted.Aaron tried to stop but couldn't since she was already lusting over her current state he couldn't control himself seeing Grace on his mercy and begging for him.Aaron immediately kissed her hungrily. " Jump. "He said in between the kisses and Grace immediately jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist.Aaron kissed her neck and kissed it, making her moan in pleasure." Ahh. Aaron. "She moaned, which made him turn on even more. He then walked towards his room while carrying her.Then he laid her down on his bed while he's on top of her small form.He kissed her lips again, and his kisses went down to her jawline and kissed her neck and sucked it.While he's busy kissing and licking her neck, Grace starts to remove his shirt.Aaron leans back and removes his shirt showing his abs, making her drool in anticipation.He removes her clothes, and now she's ly
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Broken (4)
Grace woke up when a shinning of sunlight hit her face, making her smile. She was feeling peaceful and complete. Her heart was happy and dancing with joy, feeling the love last night.She bit her lips thinking about last night, how Aaron made her feel so good, gave her so much pleasure. He made her feel loved and wanted. She can still feel the pleasure that happened last night. Their lovemaking was so beautiful.She feels so happy when she feels the arms that are wrapping around her waist tightly and the breath that hits her neck.She slowly turned around and faced her husband. He was looking so handsome and cute in his sleeping form. She touched his face and smiled shyly, how this man-made her feel loved last night.Aaron stirs in his sleep and opens his eyes slowly when he feels the soft touch on his face. Grace smiles shyly and looks down."Good morning" she mumbled softly smiling.She looked up when she got no reply or any movement from Aaron."Aaron?" she called when she saw Aaron
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It was after two weeks when Grace felt something was wrong with her. Like she's so sick every time throwing up anything she put in her mouth, feeling dizzy all of a sudden, eating weird things, wanted to bask in Aaron scent or wanted to be in his arms, it's not like she didn't want before, but now she feels like she can't breathe if Aaron is not there she literally feels like dying whenever she can't see Aaron.She becomes more sensitive, she will cry for every little thing, like one time she accidentally steps on a tiny aunt and sobs so badly feeling like a murderer. She feels like she can't control her body and her emotions.She feels like hungry all the time and just wanted to sleep the whole day and never wanted to even pull a finger. She feels tired, even without doing anything. She knows what's happening she can feel it but in denial because she's scared. What will happen if it's true?And finally, after waiting for one more week, she took the test and cried her heart out seein
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Delusional !!!(6)
He exploded............Out of happiness. Yes, happiness and joy. He couldn't believe Grace is pregnant with his baby. He's going to be a father. He always loved children and wanted one of his own, and when he found Grace bearing his baby, he's the happiest person in the world.He ran towards Grace, making her whimper in fear, she thought Aaron's going to harm her unborn baby but what he did shook her to the core.Aaron hugged her tightly. He wrapped his strong protective arms around her waist tightly but carefully as to not squish her tummy. For the first time in their two years of marriage, Aaron hugged her. For the second time in her life, her mate hugged her. First, when they discovered each other as mates when Aaron hugged her. She doesn't know how to react. She has frozen in her spot."Love! Goodness, I am so happy. I am going to be a father. I can't believe it."He called her love.. the nickname he never gave her. His voice is not the cold and emotionless that he used to
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Everything ends with the baby!!!(7)
Never celebrate beforehand." God has something else planned for Grace; she has more challenges in her basket."Grace had never imagined that there would be a time where she will regret mating with Aaron.She never did before, even after what Aaron did to her. She never thought like that. She always had this hope in her that one day she will get her mate's love and attention and opened the door's of her heart for Aaron to come every time and anytime.She was ready to forgive him. Giving themselves a chance after knowing she's pregnant and her Aaron accepts her. These thoughts never came in her mind because Aaron's action never let her. She forgave him again at that time.But now she doesn't know what to do. She's happy, she's so pleased that she's pregnant, but her heart became so fragile and vulnerable that she's started to envy her baby. Her blood, her flesh.She hates herself. How cruel is she's to be jealous of her baby? How can she think about that? She's the worst parent for her
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It's been four years now. Four years ago, Grace gave birth to a baby boy named Asher. A strong but beautiful boy. He's brilliant and clever.Many things have changed now and are for sure, not good. Grace has changed even Aaron did too.Grace is not a bubbly person anymore. She lost her personality now. She lost her smile; she lost her heart, her emotions, her feelings.She's not Grace who was trying to make her relationship with Aaron. She's not Grace who was seeking for her mates warmth and comfort. She's not that Grace, who was waiting for her mate. She's not that Grace, who was comforting herself telling herself a lie. She's not the Grace who once hoped for little things her mate did. She's not the Grace who hoped now. She's not the Grace who has been hurt not physically but emotionally and verbally. She's not the Grace who cried in longing and despair for her mate.She's not Grace without her soul which hid in the depth of her pain long ago. Weak and miserable can't see the disgust
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Not a mistake(9)
Aaron, Well, where should we start from what he feels. Hmmm, how about let's go to the past and highlight from the day his baby was born four years ago.The most beautiful day of his life when he held his baby for the first time. His strong and handsome champ, Asher. That was the happiest day of his life.Two months after his baby was born, he started to feel or like realize things, concerning Grace.He noticed how things have changed. Grace doesn't talk like literally he never heard her saying anything. But he dismissed the thought thinking that maybe she's not feeling well or something and focused on his 2 months old baby.Time has passed by and little by little, he feels like there's something wrong. He can't think of anything, but every time he comes home, there is this feeling like-like, he doesn't know how to word it. It's so gloomy or sad?He doesn't know.But after ten months when his baby turned 1 year old, he felt something. He noticed that he couldn't smell Grace's scent. He
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Frustrated (10)
Day by day he's feeling something he shouldn't feel. He shouldn't be bothered if Grace won't talk anymore, or if Grace doesn't show any emotions anymore, he shouldn't feel bothered by Grace lack of interest, he shouldn't be alarmed if he can't scent her,he shouldn't be concerned about the distance Grace made from everyone, he shouldn't be bothered that their baby is always neglecting Grace and prefer him over Grace,he shouldn't feel bothered about Grace feels. He shouldn't fucking bother!!!!He's frustrated because he is.He is fucking bother by everything.And the big question is...WHY?He feels like clowning himself. He doesn't understand what's happening to him. He feels disregarded, gloomy but why. Simple...Because of Grace.He feels guilty without knowing the reason. His heart is scratching. His chest is sober; he feels like a criminal without doing any crime. What did he do to feel like this?He knows but just not accepting it like a coward.He came home after the long hours
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