Chapter 2: Lilli POV

***Back to Present***

“Miss are you okay?” the sound of Trish’s voice brings me out of my memory and back to the present. She is looking at me in the mirror, concerned.

“Oh, yes sorry, lost in a memory that’s all”, I smile at her and she smiles back.

“I asked if you were happy with your hair and if you wanted me to do your make-up next?”.

I look at what she has done, and it is perfect, the plait is tucked into a bun at the base of my head, so it will be discreet and easily hidden. She has also tamed my fringe, so it will sit neatly under my mask when I put it on.

“I love it, it’s perfect, thank you”. I glance over to my dress hanging up, and the mask nearby, considering how to do my make-up tonight.

“Hmm, I think thick black eye-liner to surround my eyes, smoky eye shadow with a dash of gold and some red lip tint, will do. What do you think?”

“I think that’s perfect miss, it will link the dress and mask together just right” she says and starts to put the eye-liner on, I sit still while she works and think about my black dress.

It’s a simple design, with a fitted bodice, that will hold my ample chest in just right. This way I will be able to dance any style without fear of a mishap. There are feathers at the front giving me some modesty, but my shoulders will be exposed. It pulls in tight at the waist and then the skirt flows out and down to my ankles. It is designed with dancing in mind and I fully intend to do a lot of that tonight, as dancing is one of my passions. The gold shoes I am wearing have just enough heel so that I have some extra height, but not too much that they are unmanageable. They are also comfortable which will be important tonight.

Trish finishes my make-up and she has done a grand job, not too much, but enough to enhance the green of my eyes, completing the outfit I am wearing tonight. I stand and move over to my dress to put it on.

Once behind my dressing screen, I remove my dressing gown and begin stepping into my dress. It laces up at the back, so Trish helps me to tighten it, once I have pulled it into place. There is no need to wear a bra, which is much more comfortable, and I already put my panties and stockings on whilst in the bathroom.

When I’m fully secure in the dress, she tucks the laces into a hidden panel, so that they are out of sight and not in the way. Lastly, I step into my shoes and I’m almost ready to go. Now dressed I sit back at my dresser and Trish brings over my mask. It’s a gold half face design that covers the top half of my face, but leaves my lower jaw and mouth exposed. It continues over my head, to the middle of the back of my skull meeting my hair beneath. It’s been moulded to fit me exactly, so it just sits with no need to strap it on.

Trish places it on my head and I am ready to go, I hardly recognise myself and that is the point. Extremely happy with everything I stand and hug Trish tightly.

“Thank you! I look amazing and couldn’t have done it without you”.

She blushes and smiles at me.

“Thank you for saying that miss, but you are very beautiful, it’s truly you that makes the outfit special and not the other way around”.

I don’t know what to say to that unexpected comment and stand a little awkwardly with her. But ever the professional she bows, hands me my clutch purse and moves to open my bedroom door, so I can head off to the reunion.

My parents are not overly pleased that I'm going out tonight, but I refused to back down and eventually they gave in. They know that I need a night off, to relax and reconnect, with people I haven’t seen in many years, (well one in particular, however I kept that to myself).

I meet Claude at the front doors, and he walks to the back of the car, to open the door for me.  When I am settled, he seats himself in the driver seat and we pull out to head to the school. The main hall there has been chosen as the location for the party.

I am nervous but excited, so I grip my clutch tightly and wait for the car to stop. When we arrive, Claude steps out and he walks around to open my door. I step out and thank him, he is so loyal and caring, I am so lucky to have him.

“I will park nearby and wait for you miss Lilliana, send me a text when you are ready to leave”, he says to me.

“Are you sure you won’t be too bored? I’m expecting a late night” I give him a cheeky smile belying my intent to make the most of tonight.

“Oh, don’t you worry about me miss, I will be okay”.

He smiles at me and I know I can’t change his mind, so I leave it there. I smile back and head in through the main entrance doors.

I can hear the music before I get to the main hall, so I take a deep breath and continue. The doors have been propped open to allow easy entry, I walk through and stop at the top of the stairs that, lead down to what is now the dance floor.

I take a moment to look at the room, the decorations and the people in the room. They stop and stare when they notice me, making me feel self-conscious, but my father’s voice rings in my ears.

“You're going to have to get used to being the centre of attention now my dear, it's all part of the job and the commitment we share as a family, ignore the staring and control your emotions so that you can be the best leader you can be.”

So, I decide that now is the best time to get into the practice, having the mask helps and I find I am able to squash the unease I'm feeling and concentrate on having fun.

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Bella Jersey
I also don’t think she knows she’s heir to throne
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But she doesn’t know 
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Lil must be the dragon

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