Chapter 51: Annulment Papers

The moment I stepped inside Dylan's nightclub, I know everything would be hype. The flicking mixture of red, blue, green, and yellow lights usually makes my eyes get hurt but tonight, the dark, crowded room complimented it that it looks otherwise. It was enticing, like they want you to feel the excitement and make you want to drink your ass out, get all drunk, and dance with the great mixture of an expert Dj.

The smell of vape smoke, cigars, and different kinds of alcohol invaded my nose as I step inside the room. It's still 7 pm but the crowd is already wild. Makes me remember my good old days, huh?

Some of my former college classmates are here, some from the business world, and some are afams.

If you wanna pick a rich man, attending Dylan's party is a privilege. This year is different. For the past years, we celebrated his birthday either on a trip to somewhere outside or inside our country, or just close the bar with the three of us getting drunk at his big c

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