Chapter 56: Rocks doesn't want you to forgive

"Good morning Ate! Did you sleep well?" Fierra's wide smile welcomed me the moment she stepped behind Uno. She is still sporting her pigtails, but now, she is wearing a navy blue flowy dress ending above her knees, brown flat strappy sandals, and red ribbons whirled around her black, naturally curled hair.

My lips parted as I stood a step back and glance at Uno. He is holding Fierra's small hand, with the same wide grin plastered in his face.

"What are you doing here, Fierra? Where is your Mom?" I asked and shifted my gaze to her.

"Kuya Uno promised me that I will have bonding with you!" The cheerful voice and the claps of the little girl sounded like a sudden stressor. It made me want to just cut off my ears just so I wouldn't be able to hear it or to just vanish in front of them.

I bit the insides of my cheeks and darted my gaze at Uno. He has this triumphant, proud smirk in his lips that made me want to just peel it off or punch him until I can no long

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