All of us enjoyed the day before they left us, it was like our reunion! I never saw Zon again but I hope he was fine and healthy like what I did and of course, our son too. And if he ever found someone, I pray that she would love her more than I did.

I never thought that Zon came to find me, but what we could do, we are meant to be separated in the end!

The sun was bright, Zon and I went to the park together with Justine! The three of us enjoyed the day! 

"Mom, can we go buy ice cream?" Shouted Zon and I nodded.

"Take care of him, Justine," I shouted back.

"Yes, Mom," said Justine.

I looked up at the sky and smiled.

"My love, take care wherever you are! I will never forget you until my last breath!

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