Chapter 18

Earlier that day, Alex stared at the sleeping Saoirse in his bed. He usually doesn’t let anyone come inside his room for any reason. He carried her here instead of her room in the heat of passion which was very unlikely of him.

And then, on top of it, he fell asleep in her arms. He never let his guard down in front of any girl. Especially not the ones he usually sleeps with. But something was calming about Saoirse. Her gentle touches, her smell, her breathing, everything. He felt completely relaxed.

It had been a long time since he slept peacefully like that. Every time he closes his eyes, he usually ends up waking up from a nightmare. But being snuggled against her body and breathing in her scent was better than any sleeping pills. What was so special about her?

Maybe I’ll move her in my room, he thought. Would she agree? Not like she was in the position to say no anyway.

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Anna Marie
oh no :( ;(
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Chanderika Sharma
I like this novel very much😍😍☺️😘😘 , it is a very unique story and the character of Alexander wolf is just superb and the innocence of Saoirse. too .A lots of love from me to the author ☺️☺️

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