Arranged To The Mafia (The Mafia's Bloodlust Series)

Arranged To The Mafia (The Mafia's Bloodlust Series)

By:  Crystal L  Completed
Language: English
127 ratings
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The Complete Series of: The Mafia's Bloodlust Series. Arranged To The Mafia Love In The Mafia Wars The Mafia's Bloodlust Games (The Final Chapter) “Our marriage is nothing but a deal” He said looking the girl in the eye, her green eyes met his silver blue ones, both of their eyes hard as they glared at each other. “Believe me love, I don’t want this marriage any more than you do, but if it will bring peace to our families, then I will sign that stupid paper” she said glaring at him. ********************* She is the daughter of the English Mafia boss, and he is the Russian Mafia boss, and the only way to guarantee a proper, safe alliance between the two families, the Brook and the Ivanov family…

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default avatar
So enjoyed this book. So happy for how it ended. So many shocking twists and turns. Looking forward to reading the next one.
2023-12-29 23:42:07
user avatar
Miss Star
Loved this Series...It's a must Read......
2023-01-20 13:19:38
user avatar
very nice story
2023-01-01 09:36:25
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Janat Smith
The amount of eye rolling in this book is really unbelievable and annoying. ...
2022-11-20 14:15:53
user avatar
One of the best!!!very emotional rollercoaster!!!
2022-08-21 16:41:09
user avatar
Jennifer Larimer
what is the the order to all of these books? is this the first series? I just read Eliana and val. story. does there series come next? thank you.
2022-05-09 06:03:28
user avatar
Akomolafe Faith
I so much love mafia stories and this is my favorite. I love this book so much......
2022-03-22 21:47:35
user avatar
Love this book. Love how the author potray each of the characters. 5 stars from me.
2022-03-12 14:46:27
user avatar
Those who enjoyed the book Contracted To The Mafia is the crossover between Mafia worlds, prepare to see Kiara and Nikolay in action again♡
2022-03-02 12:32:31
user avatar
Avenging The Mafia (The Tainted With Blood Series) has been published!!
2022-02-06 16:35:47
user avatar
Started reading. Hitched.
2022-02-02 17:41:38
user avatar
This book, and the whole series in fact, is absolute GOLD and you would be missing out something chronic if you didn't at least give it a shot!! <33
2022-02-02 04:42:37
user avatar
Daina White
Love your book, this is the second time I'm reading it, and I love it
2022-02-02 02:15:05
user avatar
Contracted To The Mafia is now available on GoodNovel everyone. Do check it out!!!
2022-01-13 05:06:27
default avatar
Great book…will there be a part 2?
2022-01-13 00:56:46
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168 Chapters
Chapter 1
Kiara: “Are you excited?” My best friend, Natalie asked. It was my wedding day, a wedding that would bring the two families together, in hopes to keep my family safe. “Yes, very” I rolled my eyes, sarcasm dripping from my voice as I spoke. Natalie rolled her greyish blue eyes on me fixing my brown curly hair which I didn’t bother looking at. I couldn’t care less about this marriage to the Russian. It was even worse that I had to move to the States with him, leaving my home, my family, and friends behind, I didn’t want to do it. However, I knew that I had to, and knowing who he was, how ruthless and merciless he was; I knew that he wouldn’t spare me for a second before sending me back home. That would lead to a war between families which my family could not afford. It annoyed me why I was doing this more than ever. But I knew that I had no other option. It was either this this or I suffered the consequence of what I was to bear if anything went otherwise. “Rem
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Chapter 2
Nikolay: I watched as the girl, my wife, danced with her father before he handed her to me to have our ‘first dance’ as a husband and wife. This act becoming annoying to me, but I knew that I had to hold it off just a bit longer for the guest’s sake. Not caring whether or not it annoyed Dimitri. I couldn’t care less about what he thought. But if we wanted this ‘arrangement of peace’ to work, then I had to cooperate. “Hands a bit higher, if you don’t mind” Kiara rolled her eyes on me. Raising my hand to her waist, below her boobs, careful about where she wanted me to touch her. Acting as if she’s never been touched there before. A girl like her was bound to have had at least a number of men at her feet. But I wasn’t one to judge, I couldn’t care less about what she did. “Believe me, I would rather be anywhere than having my fingers on you” I said pulling her to me. My voice just above a whisper for her ears to hear. I knew that my words were harsh, but none of
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Chapter 3
Kiara: I woke up to the sound of rain dripping on my window making me smile. I loved the rain as it reminded me of back home the days and nights that we would be spending outside playing under the rain. Natalie and I would often get scolded by her mum for going inside and being wet. Mum would glare at me but she could not say anything to Natalie about it. Smiling at the memory. I got up from bed and walked to the bathroom to get done with my morning business. My thoughts going back to this marriage which was already proving to be worst and harder than I had thought it would be. I knew that no matter how much I disliked the idea of this marriage, of having been eloped to a man that wouldn’t bother sparing me a second glance. I had to be sure to try and make this marriage work for my family. Freshening up, I got dressed in normal black sweat pants and a white V-neck shirt. I tied my hair in a pony tail, wanting to go out and get a few things to make bre
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Chapter 4
Nikolay: “I don’t understand, why didn’t you just tell her that YOU got her the car?” Vladimir asked when we entered the office. Having heard the conversation between me and a furious Kiara. I sat on my chair while he sat on the one facing me like he usually did when we were talking. I personally couldn’t understand what had annoyed her to begin with, and seeing as the two of us had barely said a few words to one another. I didn’t bother asking. “First, she wouldn’t have accepted it if it was from me. Second, I’d rather not have her knowing that I was getting her anything. And third, she was dumb enough to be willing to take a cab” I said raising an eyebrow at Vladimir who shook his head at me. It was true that I had gotten her the car before we even got married, knowing that she would need it transportation should she decide to go out. I even hired a driver for her, which I doubt she’d be going out with right now. But I didn’t really care, as long as she wasn’t goin
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Chapter 5
Kiara: I walked into the garage my body boiling with anger as I thought of Grace’s words. They were harsh, and I didn’t know how to respond to her without getting MYSELF into shit that I wasn’t going to be able to handle. Therefore I was forced to stay quiet. I was forced to walk out and just let her insult me the way she did, and now I’m going to give them an excuse to mock me. Thinking that I was a child for walking out the way I did. Yes, I admit that it was a bit uncalled for from my own end. But judging by the circumstances that I was in, I had no other option. However, I didn’t plan on giving her the satisfaction of thinking that I left because of her. I didn’t want them knowing that they were hurting me. It was something against my nature, and everything I’ve learned. Clicking the key button to unlock the car which Nikolay gave me the keys for. I raised an eyebrow when a white Range Rover’s lights went on meaning that it was unlocked. Looking a
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Chapter 6
Nikolay: “I swear if you and the girl don’t end up killing one another when the week is over, That would be an achievement itself” Viktor said smirking at me when I entered the office. Waiting for Kiara to finish ‘getting ready’. I knew that I was supposed to at least know where we were going. But I honestly couldn’t care less. If the two of us were going out it was for mom’s sake only. Had it been up to me, the two of us would be as far away from one another as possible. The idea of having to have to sit with her made my heart race as I got angrier thinking of the subject. “Believe me, I’m already seeing them holding guns against one another’s heads. Just give it a day or two” Vladimir commented. I rolled my eyes at the two, glaring at them as they decided to act childish. However, I couldn’t say that they were wrong. “Funny, not only am I stuck taking the girl out on a date. But my friends have decided to start acting like a bunch of teenagers, good for me”
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Chapter 7
Kiara: I was annoyed with Nikolay’s words and the way he had acted. I walked to the bathroom to avoid fighting the don. His words were harsh, but I couldn’t blame him. He was right, it was my mistake thinking that we could be friends. Especially when I knew that he didn’t want anything to do with me. Having stated it, acted upon it, and even showed it in his eyes. Everyone at his house took the hint. It was me who was being stupid to think to try otherwise. Washing my face, I took a deep breath as I looked at myself in the mirror. Putting on the best smile I could muster. A skill which I’ve mastered as I grew older. Having been forced to act a certain way, whether I was in front of my family or the other families. I grew up being strong, having to fight my own battles myself. Therefore, I wasn’t going to let this family, regardless of who they thought they were, get to me. I was just as strong if not stronger than that don. He was a man, he had his power, yet
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Chapter 8
Nikolay: I looked at Kiara wondering what game she was trying to play. The tough girl acts. Her acting like a bitch for a second then doing something extremely genuine when no one was looking at her. I couldn’t read her, and I didn’t like it. Both Kiara and I walked out of the car. Having reached the house in one piece, I was surprised that the two of us hadn’t killed one another today. But we somehow managed to be adults enough to spend time together without pulling a gun on one another. “You two came back in one piece” Vladimir commented once we entered the house. Everyone was sitting in the living room when we entered the house. Kiara laughed and I rolled my eyes at my right hand. I swear this man was going to be the death of himself, in my OWN hands. “Yes! Can you imagine how hard that was?” Kiara said in a childish sarcastic tone. Vladimir laughed and Kiara shook her head at him. Greeting Dimitri, mom, and Ivan before she headed to the st
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Chapter 9
Nikolay: “Fuck…” I hissed as I reached my climax, Jenna tightened around me as reached her own high with a whimper. Coming undone under me. I pulled out of her laying down beside her to catch my breath. She laid on her side looking at me and I looked down at her raising an eyebrow at her “I thought that I wouldn’t see you again” Her finger ran over my chest, down to my abs. I smirked and wrapped my arm around her, pulling her body to my chest. She smiled looking up at me “and why would you think that?” “You got married and…” “I believe that you know the rules Jenna, don’t try” I winked at her. Jenna nodded knowing her limit. Her brown eyes meeting my blue ones. Her silk blonde hair falling over her back. she leaned in to my lips, softly kissing me. Knowing that we would be going to have another round. I tightened my arms around her, pulling her close. Smiling into the kiss, she wrapping her arms around my neck, straddling my lap, slowly grinde
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Chapter 10
Kiara: I sat in my bedroom on my bed scrolling through my phone. Wearing a comfortable long sleeved grey shirt and matching sweat pants. The door was knocked twice and I raised an eyebrow looking at it for a second “come in” The door opened revealing Madeline who smiled entering the bedroom. Her hair made in a braid and she wore blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Carrying a tray of food in her hand, she walked inside closing the door before she walked toward me. I got up from bed and headed toward her taking the tray from her and setting it on the coffee table which was in front of the white couch inside the bedroom. “You didn’t have to do this Madeline” I told her gently. Her brown eyes met my green ones and she smiled giving me a gentle nod. “First, you can call me Maddie, and second, you haven’t eaten anything all day…” her smile turned from one that was cheerful to one that was somewhat sorry. It was like she pitied me “I heard what happened
Read more Protection Status