December's Symphony 2 - Teaser

There seemed to be another war brewing, and this time it was between Bratva and Cartel members.

I looked down at my most trusted man. The man I had trusted with my children, with my wife and with my own life - only to find out he had done the most despicable thing I could ever have imagined,

And all under my own roof.

Kiara did not need to say more I understood clearly; now I am in the basement where my fists were meeting his jaw repeatedly; the last blow dislocating it completely.

“‘Mitri!” Came the voice of Sergei, my brother for all intents and purposes, “Keep him alive, I need to get a few blows in as well.”

I know Sergei was itching to get his hands into Boris, but this was my blood debt to take. He violated Kiara while I trusted him inside my home.

Looking over at Sergei, I shake my head, “I failed you, brother. I trusted the wrong man to protect your daughter with and now he has taken something from

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