The Italian Bride of the Mafia King

The Italian Bride of the Mafia King

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“What can you pay in return for my protection, Ms Ferrari?” His deep velvety voice greeted my ears. “Anything!” I breathed out without weighing my options. Because I was more than desperate at that moment. He stood up and stepped near me before caressing my cheek with an unrecognizable glint in his eyes. “Then be my bride, Bella.” And just like that I sealed my destiny in his tainted hands. It was my first mistake. Second was, to fall in love with him, madly and irrevocably without knowing his hidden lethal identity. ……. Aaron Salvatore Knight! He emanates power, affluence, confidence, and the luggage of forbidden deeds. His eminence stirs the souls of the city with his domination, elusive games and title of ruthless Heir of the Knight family. Eligible billionaire? Not only that. He is the next boss in line of 'Cosa Nostra', one of the crime families in New York. He is known by the name of "Velenoso" in the underworld because whoever meddles with him or becomes a barrier in his way, has tasted his poisonous side. But Even The Devil is bound to some Traditions. To get the title of ‘Capo dei capi’ He needed to follow the tradition of marrying the Italian breed so He began his search for his prey. But what happens when some ordinary religious girl, a believer of Mother Mary's teachings, strikes his life unexpectedly with her not-so-called appearance and shakes his identity among the people? Would He be able to get her into his twisted life or would she try to escape his entanglement of games? Would she serve him the purpose of finding something He wants? The Italian Bride! Well, dive into this dark journey of these two different burning spirits where The Devil meets his innocent Angel!

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"Oh, mother Mary, have mercy on me today, please!" Bella Ferrari begged when the screeching sound of the engine broke her heart before her car roared for a moment only to be halted again. She released an exasperated sigh. “You know what, you can't just ditch me now. Today I'm gonna get a big tip from Peter if I deliver a good performance. I never gave up on you, never deserted you and I expect the same.” Bella let out her frustration and helplessness while throwing her hands on the steering wheel. She was running out of time and she can't lose it today. "Don't do this to me, Bestie. We have been together for the past seven years. I need you today or he will fire me!" She cried anxiously as she kissed the steering wheel, begging her car to start but all her begging and prayers went to vain when the engine sounded like a dead piano. She banged her head lightly on the headrest of her car seat and her hands clenched on its steering as she let out a helpless cry.It was one of the most i
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"Aaron Salvatore Knight, dream of every young girl…" she eyed him up and down as if she was checking a thing before buying it. "But my reality. I had my eyes on you for a long time, Aaron. This well-built body and dark eyes had made me turn in bed many nights," She said in a seductive voice which increased Aaron's fury tenfold but He gulped his anger and stood there with false calmness when He was anything but calm. He hated it when someone touched him without his permission and the girl was doing exactly that. She graciously moved closer to him, inhaled his masculine scent and traced her finger on his hand. "I admire you, Velenoso and I know you are also attracted to me. We would be a perfect pair, Aaron. The world will be ours. I will be your queen and you will be my king and together we will rule over the Crime world of New York City and The USA."Aaron gritted his jaw in fury, clutched her hand which was holding his forearm. Rosalina gasped but her eyes twinkled in excitement. Sh
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Aaron was standing at the corner, thinking about that mannerless girl when His secretary-cum-right hand man came there. "What?" He snapped at him. Marcus swallowed in fear and cleared his throat before speaking. "The streets are whispering about the bond between Flavio and De Lucas consliegier's daughter. The soldiers of many important cities are talking about Flavio being pure…"Aaron's icy glare stopped Marcus from speaking further. "Is this the general opinion of the soldiers?"Marcus shook his head. "No. But the words are making circles. No one is speaking openly but they liked how Flavio still respected the traditions of Cosa Nostra. He could have married anyone but he remained loyal to his roots and married an Italian Woman. The words of mutiny are strong in your uncle and Flavio's cities the most. But your uncle is not waving in favour of them. Unlike Flavio he is loyal to Our Capo and you.""Flavio…" Aaron gritted. "Tell the other cities' underbosses to keep their soldiers in
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Time stopped abruptly. The aura of the place suddenly turned thick and cold even in the heat of people. No one dared to blink, the horrific scene chilled them to the cores. No one could believe what they saw. A little girl slapped Aaron Salavatore Knight. The man whose mere presence was enough to terrify people got slapped by a mere waitress! No one ever dared to raise their voice in front of him let alone hit him but she slapped him and that too on his face. In front of hundreds of guests. Even Flavio Salavtore was stunned seeing the scene in front of him. But when the shock passed, his heart turned ecstatic seeing Aaron humiliate in this way.Aaron squeezed his eyes, his face turned to the right side with the impact of her slap. Ever so slowly, He tilted his head in her direction and looked at her with his bloodshot eyes. His penetrating gaze was cold and dark. He looked like a monster who wanted to destroy everything around him. The look in his eyes could set anyone aflame and a
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Bella bit her lower lip from inside fighting the solid urge to cry out loudly. Her throat was still aching from the brutality she suffered through her boss' son. "Bella, let me help you, please," Scarlett winced as if she could feel Bella's pain on her skin. "It will be cold," she warned before applying the white cream for the bruises."Peter fired me and tomorrow Mrs Knight will fire me too. I would be jobless. Sabby needs that laptop and granny urgently needs her reading glasses…" Bella muttered, a lone tear rolled down her cheek. She didn't care about the pain she was suffering. She was worried about making the household ends meet. She was the only earner in her family and now she is jobless.Scarlett threw her arms around Bella, engulfing her in a bear hug. "I am so sorry, darling. Everything will be fine. You will get a new job."Bella closed her eyes. The dam of emotions which she was trying to control broke and with that Bella cried her heart out in Scarlet's arms. "I will he
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Bella looked at her boss flabbergasted. "But I am your PA, Mrs Knight."Olivia nodded. "Yes but now you will be working for my son as his PA, Bella. Do you have any problems with that?" She asked with the raise of her brows.Bella swallowed nervously, her hands turned sweaty in apprehension and she rubbed them on her long skirt. "Last night…" she started but Olivia raised a finger to stop her. "You had a misunderstanding, Bella. My son would never grope a waitress. He doesn't lack female attention. They came to him willingly. You slapped him last night but you are still working because I know how good of an employee you are, don't make me think otherwise and behave like a professional. Now go to the twenty-eighth floor. Aaron is very particular about everything and his time is expensive."Bella nodded. Even though she was scared, she was really glad for her job. She inhaled sharply, gathered all her strength and entered the elevator to go to Aaron Salvatore Knight's floor. Bella bit
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Aaron tilted his head and stared at the packet resting on the glass table. His scrutinizing eyes couldn't be deceived by the fact that it was his product. His exclusive brand! He raised his eyelids to the two men sitting and waiting for his response keenly. Mr Robert and Mr John exchanged their looks. They were having this meeting in the private section of his famous club. Aaron glanced at Marcus who nodded and grabbed the packet, passed it to Aaron who examined it before taking a deep whiff. His jaws ticked with anger as He slid the packet back on the table roughly. “Are you sure about it?” He questioned the men sitting in front of him. Aaron’s deep and clinical voice perked their attention. “Absolutely. For the past few days, the number of our clients has tripled to buy these packets from our clubs. The sellers are usually foreigners and we investigated from our resources. The Irish parties are selling your so-called exclusive drugs half the price we are selling.” Mr John in
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Aaron entered the underground warehouse to greet their brutally beaten bodies and shaky self. William was tied to the chair with a ruined face, Aaron gestured to Marcus to open his handcuffs. As soon as Marcus let him free, William started pleading and crying seeing the death itself in front of him. His other men were beyond terrified seeing Velenoso in his dark glory. If their manager was crying like a pussy then they could only imagine what would happen to them. “Boss, please spare me, I have a family. They…. They blackmailed me to transfer the goods to them. I had no choice..I had no intention...” William started playing a pathetic story even before Aaron could start his interrogation. “For how long you have been betraying and misleading Cosa Nostra, William?” Aaron asked him with an intimidating tone, walking to him and towering over his sitting self. His existence screamed power and authority and his aura emitted only danger. William shivered under his steel like gaze and sh
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She gulped her saliva before knocking into the door. She didn't have time to change her attire for the time sake and decided to greet her boss first. After knocking twice, she reckoned that He might not want to see her but she was persistent, at least she could try something to save her job so she opened the door and entered inside without his permission. But Aaron was not there, she watched the Empty chair behind the table and roamed her eyes around his classic office room. Then she found him standing near the big glass window with his back facing her. His hands were pocketed and body was like stone, not moving a bit. She assumed He was in his deep reverie while looking at the outside view of the whole New York City. Bella prepared herself to speak while clutching her handbag tightly.“I..I apologize for coming late, Sir. My car broke down.” She tried to speak normally but her voice came out as a scared stammering kitten. When Aaron didn't move or turned but stayed focused on god
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Aaron noticed Bella’s attire the second He raised his eyes to her figure standing there with shock on her gorgeous face. He scanned her clothing and had a satisfied blink. But her face caught his attention, she looked like a fresh bloomed flower shining under the sunlight with her own charming glint. Her beautiful brown eyes were wide as equally as her tempting full glossy lips. Her dark brown hair was set perfectly with silky layers. She looked different and unknowingly attractive to him.He remembered her perfect figure underneath those fabrics on her body. Aaron had come to know many things about her in less time. No doubt she is a gorgeous woman with a good height of five feet and nine inches, taller than an average girl so outfitting a good attire is just a bonus to her figure. It was the first time she looked decent and presentable. Aaron leaned back on the chair while twirling pen on his fingers and followed her surprising gaze. He glimpsed at the wall clock and a smirk playe
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