Episode # 61:- (Her biggest fear is to lose him)

“Really????” All said in an excited tone. Swara got startled on their sudden shout, and while putting her hand on her chest, nodded her head with a shy smile. Seb was sitting beside her, followed by Aadhira and Harry.

They all were present in Mittal Mansion for the family gathering, including Alex, Kevin with their families. They have told all about her pregnancy, and all were being excited, didn’t realize that they were extra loud.

Anaya was the one who hugged her first, followed by every member present there. They were very happy for them, because, the way Seb, his parents, and Swara suffered in the past, they were sure that this news would heal them all.

“My baby sister is going to have a baby of her own,” Vidhant said with fake tears on which Swara made an unpleasant face, and showed him her tongue. Swara later went to Jenny and took Ethan, who was now 8 to 9 months old, from her lap.

Ethan was a cute chubby cotton ball, Swara kissed his chubby cheeks tightly, who in return bla
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