Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I

Her Bidder (Savior or Villain) Book-I

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A girl named "Swara" spending her life, by doing a job in one cafe in the city of "London." She was happy in her small world created by herself. However, her life changed when she got kidnapped one day while returning from her job at night. Later, when she opened her eyes, she found herself tied with a pole. And in front of her were standing the people, who were having the sight of vultures. "No...," she murmured in fear.

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65 Chapters
Prologue:- She was standing with tears continuously flowing down from her eyes. She was feeling disgusting and dirty. In 23 years of her life, though, she always wore western clothes. However, she never wore such clothes which she was wearing at that moment, barely covering her body. She wanted to hide somewhere, but she couldn’t, as handcuffs were restricting her movements. She was standing in front of a hundred people who were looking towards her like hungry beasts. She was hoping for a miracle to happen, but she knew it very well that hoping something good from her fate would be wrong. She closed her eyes as she couldn’t take those dirty gazes anymore. Beside her, 13-14 more girls were standing. However, unlike her, they all were calm and composed. She was someone who expected nothing from anyone. She was returning home after doing her job in the small café, when suddenly she felt something wet on her nose, and within minutes lost her consciousness. And when she opened her eyes,
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Episode#1:- (London)
(Dear readers, the text written in the brackets were in Italic and Bold text. I've put the content in brackets to differentiate between the scenes or the situation. The bracket content may be from past, flashback or other scenes, so to avoid your confusion I've kept the text in the brackets. If you are able to read the bold and Italic text then you are reading the story on the right medium. I hope you'll like the story and sorry for the mistakes as English is not my 1st language, then also I'll try my best to avoid silly mistakes.) Episode#1:- (London) Winters in London are freezing and rainy at the same time. Many people love rain a lot, but when you have to walk almost every day in the rain, then you can easily start getting irritated. She is among those people who find rain, cool weather, and long walks fascinating. But, when it becomes the daily routine, then she also starts getting irritated. She doesn’t have any expensive branded car, in which she can travel all around the ci
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Episode#2:- (Dreadful night)
She tried to open her eyes, she can easily hear lots of noises, but her mind was not registering what she was hearing. She opened her eyes, but shut it immediately. Because, of the light in front of her eyes. She blinked her eyes several times to get used to the light. She opened her eyes, first; she didn’t understand that where is she. She made a confused face, but the moment she saw in front of her, her breath hitched in her throat, especially after seeing hundreds of people standing or sitting around the tables. She tried to move her hands, but she realized, they restricted because of handcuffs. They have tied her with a pole; being horrified, she looks her left, and right, and becomes traumatized after seeing the scene. 14, 15 girls were standing on her left, and right. All were wearing clothes, which were hardly covering their bodies. She, while gulping down the lump which is forming her throat, looked towards herself, and becomes shocked. She was also wearing a dress, hardly
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Episode#3:- (Who is he?)
"Who... o... o are yo.. uu?" Swara said while stammering a little, she steps back but stumbles because of bed, and fell on it. British Guy had a smirk on his face, "Who I'm it's none of your business Little-Sparrow. For now, remember one thing that I don't want you to do any disrespectful thing here or else consequences will not be good," he said in a dangerous tone on which Swara said nothing, as by hearing his low tone only she was feeling her throat getting dry. "Let's go," he said to the 1st man, and while giving a last glance to her, they both left the room. However, before leaving, they locked the door. "No, please no, I don't want to stay here; I want to go," Swara got up from the bed and started banging the door. She was crying and knocking on the door, but nobody came. She slides down against the door and starts crying bitterly while hiding her face in her knees. "I want to go, please...," she said in a low tone while crying bitterly. After around 1 hour she got up from th
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Episode#4:- (Scared Kitten)
"What you want?" Swara asked. She was feeling nervous about his gaze. Seb said nothing and sat down on the sofa in front of her. He gazes at her wounded hand, which she was clutching against her chest. "I told you that if after doing this stunt (said while eyeing her wrist) you got saved, then nobody will save you from me." Swara said nothing, and turns her gaze from his face towards her lap. "I'm ordering food and medicine for you, which you will take, showing no tantrum and attitude. Because, little sparrow, if again you behaved like a spoilt brat then your other wrist I will cut by myself." Swara gave him a horrified look while hiding her hands behind her back. Seb smirks after seeing her expressions and ordered food for her. After around 10 minutes, one maid came with the tray of food. "Eat" Seb said, on which Swara hesitantly starts eating the food. She can feel his gaze on her, but she didn't dare to look towards him again. His gaze was enough to send shivers through her spi
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Episode#5:- (Becoming his fiancé)
"I.. a... m so... r.. yy... I will not do this ever again," Swara said hurriedly after closing her eyes when she saw Seb coming near her. Swara was standing with closed eyes; she opened her one eye after a few seconds and saw Seb was standing a few feet away. He was standing while putting his hands in his pant pockets; Swara opened her 2nd eye and smiled at him while showing her full set of teeth. Seb smirks in return, on which Swara became more nervous. Vidhant was sitting all this while with bored expressions, "You know Little sparrow. I never leave those who disrespected me, so what should I do with you now?" Seb asked in a stern tone on which Swara gulped her saliva and said, "Umm, last chance please..." Swara said in a meek tone on which Seb shook his head and said, "I already gave you many chances so now; if you don't want any punishment, then you have to agree for becoming my fiancé," Seb said on which Swara licked her lips as they were getting dry. Seb's sight went towards
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Episode#6:- (How many shades he have?)
Sebastian doesn't know a single word of Hindi. So, don't get confused on any word or line of Hindi/Urdu. Which anybody will say in front of him, that whether he understood or not. Episode#6:- (How many shades he have?) "You know little sparrow, being brave is good, but it doesn't mean that you have to show your braveness all the time. The people who understand you will never judge you if you ever show your weak side to them." Swara, who was blinking her eyes to stop her tears from falling due to pain, heard Seb talking, and turn her gaze towards him, who was gazing her hand, and then at her face. Vidhant was sitting with confuse expressions. "When you are having no one by your side, then it becomes your habit to show the world that you are brave," Swara said while turning her gaze from his face, on which he said nothing, just watched her with a deep sight. "What you both are talking about?" Vidhant asked to both of them on which Seb said nothing while Swara just gave him a small s
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Episode#7:- (A mysterious man)
Seb who heard her, took a deep breath and said in a calm tone, "it's safe to take a driver with you little sparrow, and about cell-phone then it will also help you, and us to remain in contact so now no more arguments on this." "But...," Swara tried to say something, but Seb held his hand in front of her and said, "do as I say," he said in a bossy tone on which Swara frowns a little and said, "You can't boss me, I will do what I want to do, and I will not keep any driver with me, that's it," she said in a little angry tone. Seb, who was losing his patience with each passing second, becomes angry on hearing her last words. ("I don't want any driver can't you understand a small thing?") an incident from past flashed in his mind. Vidhant who heard her just face-palmed, because he knows it very well that Seb doesn't like it when people deny to him for anything, and here Swara not only rejected, but again talked with him in a loud tone and cherry on top she denied for the driver. (The r
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Episode#8:- (You will be mine)
"Ouch," Seb and Vidhant were sitting in the dining area when they heard Swara's scream. They immediately went out and saw her sitting on the last stair. They made a confused face that why she screamed because she was looking fine."Swara what happened?" Vidhant said while walking towards her, Swara who heard him looks upward, and made a sad pout while showing something. A smile came on Seb's lips, but he hides it immediately while Vidhant chuckled a little after seeing the thing, and turn his face towards Seb for a while.(Swara was coming downstairs while folding the arm sling when suddenly her wet hair entangled in its sticky part. And while trying to free her hair, she by mistake pulled her hair because of which she screamed a little.)Seb went back towards the dining room while Vidhant freed her hair. Swara thanked Vidhant, and later both went behind Seb.(Swara thought to keep the arm sling on the dining table so she will not forget it tomorrow before going for her job.)Seb saw t
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Episode#9: Harrison Macaulay Knight
"I..ii mean to say that if anybody in the café saw this cell-phone in my hands, then they will start getting a doubt on me, that how a waitress who earns 18 to 1900 pounds can buy such an expensive cell-phone."Swara said hurriedly, as she thought that maybe Seb would get angry again. But she didn't realize that in her rant she also told her salary to them. Vidhant and Seb together frowned after hearing about her salary."You earn only this much?" Vidhant suddenly asks on which Swara gave him a confused look, that what he was saying, but later she realized that she told them about her salary.She turns red with embarrassment, as they were the people who give tips to anybody more than of her full month's salary. "Umm yeah," Swara said in a low voice."Umm okay, umm we umm idea..." Vidhant said, feeling awkward as he realized that she was feeling embarrassed."What?" Swara said and gave a side glance to Seb, who was having some unreadable emotions on his face."Why don't you use some sma
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