Chapter 03

~Real Ass Bitch~

- Nicki Minaj

After spending over 5 hours shopping for all my school necessities, Betty and I headed to a restaurant for Late Lunch.

"So, Any boyfriend yet?" I asked Betty, although I know she is still with Mike.

"Please, that's a boring topic, you know Mike and I are still together" Betty replied with an eye roll

"Oh... I forgot about him” I lied.


"You are both just an unstable couple..."I said but she cut me off before I could continue.

"I don't want to hear anything about Mike right now. Let's do something fun?" Betty asked.

I feel like she is currently having issues with Mike.


If she doesn't what to talk about it, I won't push it.

"Fun, like?” I asked in excitement

"A dare game"

"You know I am so in" I replied with a smirk.

I love dare games.

"Rule No 1: No rules, only if you fail to go through with your dare, you owe me 10k and vice versa” Betty instructed.

"I could really use 10k right now” I told her.

"I would really love to see how much it would hurt you, when you give me the 10k" Betty said, evilly.

"Let the game begin... Only 3 turns each. You should start" I suggested.

Betty looks all evil genius at me, while I stare her down with a smirk.

"I dare you to kiss my shoes" Betty said with a satisfied smile.

"Easy Peasy" I said smugly as I go down the table to kiss her Shoes.

"Was that a dare? Your shoes are fabulous... It was an honor to kiss it" I said with mockery when I was done.

"Whatever! Your turn" Betty said with a grumble.

"I dare you to kiss that old man sitting at the bar stool with a bottle of Jack Daniels" I dared her and relaxed as I waited for my money...

The shocked look on Betty's face was priceless

"That's so not fair" Betty whined.

" I told you I needed 10k" I defended myself.

"I hate you" Betty said but with no truth in each word.

"You better go have the best kiss of your life right now or give me the cash"


"Fine, go and kiss him” I dared again.

"That's gross" She said with a disgusted look.

"Then give me the money” I demanded, totally unperturbed.

"Am done with this game"

"My money first"

"Fine! I would kiss him" Betty said and she immediately stood up to walk towards the old man...

I got shocked! I thought I would be getting my 10k right now

"You are so crazy" I whispered to myself as I watched Betty boldly walk to the old man,say something quickly and Boom!

They Kissed!...




The man looked shocked as Betty walked back to our seat...

Everyone in the restaurant looked as shocked as the old man too, as all eyes were on Betty..

I wonder what's going through the poor old man, I noticed he immediately wiped his lips with the back of his palm and grumbled a few words as he left for the restroom.

Probably to spit?

Betty looked uncomfortable and before she sat down, she announced loudly...

"it Was a Dare! Stop giving me Judgey eyes, it was just a game" And she sat down, feeling more at ease...

"Can't believe you just did that when you could have simply given me 10k, it won't have killed you. You know? Now you probably getting mind judged"

"It was worth it... seeing that look of shock in your face, damn priceless! and he wasn't a bad kisser. My Turn" She said and Sipped her Orange Juice..

eeeew! She could still use her lips to drink? After that gross kiss?...

"Am stunned... You have a boyfriend, remember?".. That's all I could say at the moment.

"Don't care, Let me worry about my boyfriend myself... I dare you to text Jeremy, saying ' I miss and love you, please take me back. I miss fucking you, Kissing face L." Betty stated with a huge smile on her face and I almost died! figuratively though.

No freaking way!

"I don't have his phone number" I replied with a satisfied smile.

Thank God, lying isn’t against the rules...

"Don't worry, I still have his phone Number. Pass me your phone let me put it in" Betty said amidst an evil chuckle...


I reluctantly gave her my phone and she typed in the number.

"Oh, seems someone was lying. You could just give me the 10k you know?" Betty cut in as she handed me the phone, stood from where she was seated and scooted to sit close to me as she peered into my phone, watching as I wrote the text and clicked send, am not giving her the opportunity to make her think she has got me trapped plus, 10k is a huge amount of money to spare.

"Am so evil... Who knows what Jeremy would think when he sees the message? Thinks u miss him and won't mind giving u another good fuck?" Betty taunted, obviously trying to get a rise from me... Sorry girl, you are going to be disappointed

"You still suck at giving good dares... I can easily text him back to say it wasn't meant for him"

"Doesn't matter, he might think you are lying."

"Am texting him to clarify things right now And Done. My Turn!" I said with a smirk and continued.

" I dare you to go to a strip club, pay your way into climbing their stage or whatever it takes and do a strip dance. Of course, I would make a video while you do that" I am so getting the dare money.

"If you could send Jeremy that text, why can't I strip? I know of a strip club, see you there by 8pm, I would send you the address and you can get a ride via Uber" Betty said, looking unfazed

Oh! I wasn't expecting that response.

"You have got to be kidding me. Its just 10k, you don't have to strip" I said trying to make her do otherwise.

"Am not giving you the satisfaction of a victory" Betty said nonchalantly

"Tonight is going to be fun, then" I said as I ate my fries... I can't believe she would do that. Betty is definitely not a soft-heart anymore.

Cool ?

"My Turn and my last dare, has to give me my win.

I Dare You to have a quickie with the Bar guy and yup in the public toilet, he has to agree with you. No excuses" Betty dared.

My heart stopped for a second.


That would be my second time.

And she wants me to have it with a random guy?

"That's not fair, Betty... It would be the second time am having sex at least let me pick a suitable guy for it, just like how you could pick your own strip club, can you put it into consideration? As a good friend that you obviously are" I pleaded

"Fine, pick any guy from the strip club tonight. I just want you to have sex! And dum! dum! Mission Accomplished!" Betty replied excitingly and with a very pleased smile.

Oh, that's what she wanted?

Betty is really annoying sometimes But that's why we are friends.

She brings out the wildness in me.

"My turn...

I dare you to invite Mike to the strip club tonight" I said with a satisfied look and a sigh as I sipped my Apple Juice.

Mike is very possessive of Betty and he won't be thrilled to see Betty stripping on stage.

Betty can be stubborn but I doubt she would risk pissing him off for just a game. She loves Mike too much.

"I would rather pay you the 10k, Text me your Account Details, Bitch!"

Betty obviously looked pissed and I feel so good about myself...

Why does being Evil have to feel so good!

"I Told You, I needed that 10k and how else to get it than playing the Mike-Card?" I taunted.

"You're such an annoying friend, I don't know how am still friends with you" Betty grumbled.

"Am Bad & Boujee with a little extra, that's how you know why we are still friends" I replied proudly

We both chuckled at that as we emptied our fries and drinks.

As we walked out of the mini - bar, Betty said in excitement.

"We would soon be having our 2 year Friendniversary"

"That's True, wow! 2 years of being an important personnel in my life." I added

"Yup, Social media is going to hear about this” Betty said as she tweeted while I brought out my iPhone for a snapchat selfie with Betty.

"Its going to be a bomb of a day” I commented after the selfie.

"A month to that day, you would be in school, I would be in school.. Perfect time to have our First all night party together or maybe Attend a Tour."

"Sounds like a plan" I picked up my phone to send my Bank details to Betty, then a text message came in from...


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