Chapter Forty


Frustrated wasn't the word.

I was beyond frustrated.

I really don't know any word that would describe what I was feeling.

The fact that she was pretending nothing had happened.

The fact that she was smiling, talking to me and ignoring me at the same time was baffling.

And it was killing me.

Because I knew it was all a mask and that she was hurt and that was hurting me too.

A whole lot.

I'd attempted to corner her and to talk to her but she'd just tell me off plainly.

It's like we never existed.

I don't know if we ever existed self.

I wasn't even sure what the meaning of we was.

I was in my room, staring out of the window and staring at her room. The curtains were drawn and once or twice, I'd catch a figure in the room. I knew it was her.

I don't know how long I stood there but the next thing I knew was that I was climbing the stairs to her room. It was only when I got to the front of her door, hands poised in the air to knock that I stopped.

What was I doing here?

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