Chapter 7

Megan: third person's point of view.


It was around 2 o'clock in the afternoon when Megan woke up from her long nap and she hasn't eaten anything yet except for that humble granola bar since the day started, how nice.

Holding her head, she stood up and went out of her room, occasionally swaying to the side and sighing. She eyed the Chinese takeout from the kitchen counter and took a bowl, a spoon, and a fork. She pouted and started eating the noodles and soup quietly, not minding the cold air of November seeping through her sweats.

She probably would have gone for a short stroll at a bakery or at the small coffee shop somewhere in the vicinity if she wasn't feeling sullen. Heck, she would have watched the first snowfall outside with Damien if yesterday's events didn't happen.

She dropped the noodles back into the c

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