Author: Sunshine


"We need to find her now!" I yell and slam my fist against the table. "I expect to have the plan ready in two hours!"  

"Yes boss," my men chorus and begin to talk with each other, organizing everything for the plan.  

Ever since she entered my life, my world has been flipped. My family has been torn apart and my business is being tarnished. The Cutler's name is being dragged through the mud. So much is happening at once from one girl's actions. I'll do anything to find her and give her what she deserves. After all, I'm Gage Cutler, leader of the New York Mafia.  

"We've hacked into her cellphone boss," one of my men tells me. "She's going to be at Divine tonight."  

Divine? That's a men's club. What is she going there for? I shake my head and tell my men to continue on with the plan. I rub my hand over my face, just wanting to relieve the stress that has been on weighing me down for weeks now.  

"Gage, your mom is on the phone," my second in command, Alex, says handing me a phone.  

"Hi mom," I say and I hear sniffles through the speaker. "What's wrong?"  

"Can you come to the hospital please? Your brother was taken back for emergency surgery," mom cries.  

"I'm on my way," I say and hang up the phone. "Alex, make sure everyone is ready for the mission tonight. I still need you at the warehouse getting the shipment. I need everything to go smoothly tonight."  

"Don't worry about anything, we've got it covered," Alex says and I nod before I head down to the garage. Oh she's going to regret the day she ever messed with me.  


Ashlynn's POV:  

"You've got the stage tonight Ash," my boss says as she walks through the dressing room. This job is a double whammy. You either get the stage, which means perverts stare at you while you dance, or you wait for the perverts, who can get grabby. Although, I do love dancing.  

"Yes ma'am," I reply and go over to my vanity. I set my make up bag down and look through my bag for an outfit for tonight. I decide on a simple pink lingerie set, it is one of the best for dancing. I slip on my six inch platform heels before I begin to do my hair and makeup.  

I work at Divine, which is a men's clubs in downtown New York. It's the only well paying job I can get right now. My family always said moving to New York was stupid, and I was never going to admit that they were right. In all honesty I don't care what my family thinks. They're all drunk bastards anyway. They have no emotions towards another. So anyway, I'm stuck being a stripper at a club for perverts to make some money, seeing as my business degree isn't even enough to get a job at Starbucks.  

"Dancers need to be ready to head on stage in ten!" The boss yells as she exits the dressing room.  

"You dancing tonight Ash?"  I look in the mirror to see Iris's face behind me. "Yeah, I'm glad it's Friday."  

"You're going to get hella tips tonight girl," she smirks and helps me curl the hair in the back. I thank her and she smiles in return.  

I'm definitely closest to Iris out of all the girls that work here. She helped me grab the ropes when I first started working here, and I couldn't be more grateful. Everyone we work with said that we could be sisters with our deep brow hair and hazel eyes. Although, her eyes are more blue while mine are more brown. I could only wish I was related to her because she's so beautiful, and I'm just average.  

The ten minutes go by quickly and boss has us getting ready to head on stage. I'll be towards the middle of the stage, which is the best spot to get tips. As much as being a stripper isn't an ideal job, I make hella good money. I can't complain there. 

"Alright, lets get this show rolling," I whisper to my self, fixing my outfit and hair before the music starts.  

As soon as the music starts we all walk on to stage and try to find the perfect place to start our dance. I've always start from the back and slowly move up to the stage. The men like the suspense in my opinion. But as I'm dancing and the men are cheering I can't help but feel uneasy. And it's not just from perverts staring. It's like a pit in my stomach and it's making me sick. But I get over it and continue dancing, enjoying the money that I was earning.  

Once the dance is over I head to the bathroom to freshen up. Right as I'm about to open the door to the bathroom I feel something placed over my mouth, it's like a washcloth or a towel. I'm not sure but whatever is on it smells horrible. I try to get the thing off my mouth but I've discovered my arms are being held to my sides tightly. I bring my leg up to stomp on the mans foot with my heel, but before I can bring it down a pair of hands grab my legs. I can feel myself being carried out the building at the same time I can feel myself losing consciousness. What the fuck is happening?

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