Ashlynn's POV:  

When I'm done with work for the night I take one of the club's cars home. There are cars for the workers to use if they don't have their own, and it doesn't cost anything. It's actually really useful because I have no idea when I get paid and I'm currently just getting money from tips. I do tip the driver some cash, it feels rude not to. The driver refused but I ended up dropping the cash on the middle console before getting out of the car.  

I enter the house and I'm careful to be quiet. I know half of the house is awake, but I don't want to wake anyone. So I have to sneak off to my bedroom, waving at the guards politely. With the amount of guards here you'd think we were at the royal palace in England. But it's nice having security, it makes me feel safe in a sense. Especially since I'm so new here.  

In all honesty, what I said to Mr. Cutler tonight is true. I do forgive him, after all I only saw him a couple t

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