Chapter 2

~Trish's POV~

We got in the club and I got give it a hands down. It was different from any other clubs I have been to before. No wonder people are lining up for the opening. It was like entering a completely different world. The place was elegant and at the same time creepy especially with the dark theme it has. The most prominent color was black and red in the interior and fangs seemed to be the design on most furniture. The loud music from the live band that was performing and people dancing on the dance floor looked very inviting. The place was huge it was three story and can really accommodate all the people lining up outside. Maybe they'll let more people later.

"This place is lit!" Mikel stated as we head to the bar to get some drinks.

"I'm glad you like it." Sam replied. "You two enjoy. I'll just check something. I'll be back."

“I like him. Is it anything serious?” I ask Mikel.

“I like him and the sex was amazing. I’m seriously into him. I hope he is.”

"Well let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best. I'm having a beer, what are you having?" I asked Mikel.

"I'll order for us. Why don't you just grab that table over there?" 

"Sounds good." I found a table for us and check out the place, it was really mesmerizing yet I can feel an odd aura about it. 

"Hi, beautiful." A man holding two glasses of wine greeted me. "This is for you." He offered.

"Thanks but no thanks. My friend is already getting our drinks. And he should be back soon." I stated since I didn't like his aura and I wouldn’t want to be accepting drinks from strangers. I don’t want to be drugged or anything.  

"Oh come on, I come in peace." He sat next to me and put the glasses on the table. "You are the most stunning thing I've lay my eyes on to tonight." He stated then his hands suddenly grab my exposed legs so I grab the wine and splash it on his face.

"What the hell?!" I screamed at him and stood up but I was trapped in the corner.

"That was not so nice." He stated wiping his face. "You're going to pay for it." He warned as he stood up towering me which scared the shit out of me and he grip my arms.

"What's going on here?" Sam stated and pulled the guy away from me.

"Oh, I didn't realize she was with you. I wouldn't leave my guest unattended in a place like this." He exclaimed. "My apologies, Samuel I didn't realize you go both ways."

 "You idiot." Sam punched him in the face and he was sent to the ground. "Take him out of here." Sam ordered when the bouncer came close.

"What happened?" Mikel asked when he saw me sitting in the corner trying to catch my breath that I didn't realize I have been holding.

"I want to go home." I stated shaking and Mikel embrace me tightly.

"Shhh. It's okay. Maybe you just need some fresh air so you can calm down or a drink?" Mikel stated worriedly.

"Come on; let's go upstairs so she can calm down." Sam stated and assisted us to the rooftop. "Here this should calm you down." He handed me some water.

"I'm sorry. I think I just ruined your evening." I stated after a few minutes while enjoying the view of the moon from the rooftop.

"No, you didn't. That asshole was just fucking out of control." Sam replied.

"Who is he?" Mikel asked.

"My stupid friend, he likes preying on young beautiful girls. I think Trish caught her interest." Sam explained.

"You’re friends with that maniac?" I stated in disbelief. "I'm really sorry I should have just been more polite to him. I shouldn't have caused a scene."

"Don't be silly. He'll still try to get advantage of you even if you were nice to him. Benjamin is out of control and he always act out. This isn't the first time it happened."

"You two should probably head back down stairs and enjoy the party. I'll stay here for a few more minutes." I stated.

"Don't be silly. Why would I leave you alone here?" Mikel stated.

"I'm cool. I'm okay. Please, just enjoy the evening and I'll follow you just in a few minutes."

"Fine, just make sure you don't stumble in another psycho on your way down." Mikel giggled as Sam wrap his arms around him on their way back in the building. 

I closed my eyes and enjoy the cool breeze of the night. It was very relaxing and calming. I sense someone's presence so I opened my eyes. He was staring at me and I just stood there not even trying to move as he walked closer to me. He was radiating with dominance and charisma. He was very handsome on his suit and his eyes looked so familiar. Then finally he spoke after a few minutes of us staring with each other.

"What are you doing here?" He stated in gritted teeth. 

"I'm sorry... my friend... he brought me here..." I stuttered because I was bothered by how close he was to me.

"You shouldn't be here." He stated angrily and yet I wasn't scared, he sounded like the voice in my head. "Are you out of your mind?"

"What?" I stated confused.

"You shouldn't be here." He growled at me. 

"Liam." Sam suddenly appeared out of nowhere and guided me away from him.

"You brought her here." He stated angrily at Sam.

"I'm sorry. She wasn't feeling well. I just thought that fresh air would calm her."

"Of all places, you decided to..." He walked towards us. "This area is restricted." His voice suddenly calmed down when a few people came up the rooftop.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Sam stated somewhat scared.

"We will talk about this Samuel." He stated calmly. 

"I will just take her to his friend and we'll talk. I’ll be back." Sam replied.

I didn't bother to ask any questions and just let Sam walk me back to where Mikel was. We had a few a drinks and Mikel got a message from Sam that we should head home and that he had an important matter to attend to. We went home since both of us were no longer in the mood to party. I lie in bed and couldn't help but remember the encounter with the man at the rooftop. It felt like I've met him before. And why the hell was he so mad at me for being there.  It's not like he owns the place or something. May be he did. Well what bothers me is that he was the same voice I hear in my head. I couldn't be mistaken.

"You have to come with me, Trish. I need to see Sam. He has been ignoring me for days now." Mikel stated as I was going through some jobs ads online.

"Maybe he is just busy." I responded. "I thought you said he was just a friend. Why are you being so needy?"

"I kind of miss him and I really like him, like him." He pouted. 

"Mikel, I really need a job. And you're not being helpful." I stated seriously. 

"You can do that some other day. So please focus on my dilemma first. My problem is what matter the most right now."

"Okay fine. I can't believe you are my best friend." I replied and so we headed over Sam’s place.

"Hello." Benjamin greeted the door and smiled at us. "I knew you couldn't stay away beautiful."

"We came here for Sam." Mikel interrupted. "Is he here?"

"He is inside. Follow me." He stated.

We followed him and saw Sam with some of his friends. The house was huge and probably had several bedrooms by the look of it. The windows were covered with heavy drapes as if not to allow the sun to creep in. They were drinking and watching a football game. The odd thing was they were drinking something that seems like tomato juices. 

"Hey, you got visitors." Benjamin stated and hit Sam's head.

"Shit." He stood up and looked at me. "What are you doing here?"

"What? I think you two should talk." I replied as I pointed at him and Mikel. "I was just dragged here against my will." I stated.

"You can't be here." He stated. "Let's talk outside."

"You were ignoring me and I was just worried so I asked Trish to come with me to see you." Mikel stated once we got out the house. "But it seems like I shouldn't be worried."

"You shouldn't be. We're not exclusive or anything. I hate that you are keeping tabs of me. I am not your boyfriend."

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize that. I thought it was special to you since we did fuck. And you’ve mentioned that you don’t normally hook up."

"Just get the hell out of here and please don't you ever come back." He stated and slammed the door at us and Mikel and I stood their surprised.

"He will regret what he did." Mikel stated as I watch him stomping his feet like a six year old kid.

"Oh come on, you can get someone better than that moron. He doesn't deserve you." I stated to calm him down.

"I know. And I'm going back to Moonlight Delight to find someone better than him." He stated seriously.

"Mikel, are you serious? Of all places you want to find another guy there."

"Yes, so he'll see what he lost. So doll up baby girl, we need to catch a man tonight. He is so going to regret what he did."

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