Kissed by a Vampire

Kissed by a Vampire

By:  Aspiring Raven  Completed
Language: English
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Vampires exist. Patricia encountered them when she was a child but who would have thought that she'd be attracted to one. Liam would do anything to protect her from others. But who will protect her from him?Trish hated vampires since her parents were murdered by the. What happens when she discovers that the man he was attracted to turns out to a vampire? Can she really trust him when he lied about his true identity. Liam promised to protect her bloodline. He failed when her parents were killed. There was no way he will fail in protecting her. Lots of secrets would be revealed about Patricia's connections to vampires, secrets that could bind him to Liam or set them apart.

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Babongile Sabelo
really enjoyed your work dear author. couldn't put the phone down.
2021-10-12 06:21:58
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Farah Trancisca
im hoping to read that natasha and hendrick be together at last, but eventually they both darted apart again
2021-04-27 20:42:14
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Jazsime Angeles
Really enjoying this story so far ❤️ interesting plot and really believable characters ❤️
2020-12-05 19:05:43
user avatar
Seems interesting. Please update :)
2020-11-28 19:07:31
default avatar
The book was good. The ending could have been better. Felt rushed to finish.
2021-04-30 00:48:59
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Jewel Hera
The story is very good, but the number of grammatical erros stops the story flow. There are a lot of pronouns errors, such as his, her, their and it gets confusing when reading. I would recommend the author to revise the book and fix these mistakes...
2021-04-18 12:02:27
user avatar
Overall, not happy with this book. Someone is raped and they just gloss over it and say "that's just because I'm a monster"?! The amount of typos is pretty bad... I had to reread lines several times to figure out what the sentence was trying to convey.
2021-05-16 11:27:23
74 Chapters
Vampires exist among us. I have no idea for how long but I made it my life time goal to exterminate their kind. My parents were killed by vampires when I was ten years old. Everyone insisted that I was just traumatized having witnessed my parents death. But I know what I saw and I was not hallucinating. A monster drained my mother's blood and another ripped my father's heart out of his chest. The monster that killed my dad was about to kill me when a man suddenly came to my rescue. I have no memory of how he looked but I remembered how he pierced the vampire's heart with a wooden stake. The vampire then burned down into ashes and the other monster run away and left.For years, I've been obsessed with these creatures. I wanted to learn facts about them but all I can find was folklore and tales
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Chapter 1
~Trish's POV~*Present Time*I woke up with a major hang over and I wanted to hit my head on the wall to end my misery. It’s not just the hang over but I had so many things that were bothering me. So where do I begin? Three months ago, I woke from a two year coma. Imagine waking up to a different life, like a complete stranger in your own life. It was as if I woke up to live someone else's life. They told me that I got into a car accident and almost died. Apparently, I sold Legacy after that my car got hit by a truck. I wish that is what my memory tells me but it doesn’t.
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Chapter 2
~Trish's POV~We got in the club and I got give it a hands down. It was different from any other clubs I have been to before. No wonder people are lining up for the opening. It was like entering a completely different world. The place was elegant and at the same time creepy especially with the dark theme it has. The most prominent color was black and red in the interior and fangs seemed to be the design on most furniture. The loud music from the live band that was performing and people dancing on the dance floor looked very inviting. The place was huge it was three story and can really accommodate all the people lining up outside. Maybe they'll let more people later.
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Chapter 3
~Trish’s POV~I know it was a crazy idea but I needed to support Mikel. He was always very supportive of me and so I dress up and went along with him. But I also have my own motif of heading back to the bar; I wanted to see him again. Ever since our encounter I kept hearing his voice in the middle of the night. Telling me not to go back at the club so the more I wanted to set my foot back there. You know the feeling when people tell you not to do something and the more you wanted to it. So that’s what I did. We came to the bar and the line was the same as before. There was no way I’m waiting on the que so I dragged Mikel to the VIP entrance and smiled at the guards.
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Chapter 4
~Trish’s POV~"So what do you think of my remedy?" He teased as I was still trying to catch my breath. “Was it effective or do you need another round?”"It was great." I smiled at him and my stomach growl."I think you’re hungry for something else." He smiled at me and got up from the bed on his naked glory. "Do freshen up and I'll prepare some food. Just go down the stairs and turn left from the staircase."
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Chapter 5
~Liam's POV~I was furious and famished. I almost drain all the blood of the third woman in the room when Samuel and Benjamin barged in the room with another woman. I immediately grab her and bit her neck. She was barely alive when I let her go."Are you alright?" Samuel asked worriedly."No." I stated angrily. "Bring me another one.""It's been a long time since I last saw you like this. You told
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Chapter 6
~Liam’s POV~We continued where we left off. There was no way I’m not taking her today. She was so responsive to my touch and kisses. She moaned loudly as I suck and bite her playfully. I left several love bites on her body as I explored it with my fingers and mouth. She was enjoying it as much as I am. She was wet by the time I touched her core. I touched her slowly and enjoyed the sound of her pleading and moaning. I thrust my finger in and out her vagina and tasted her wet pussy. The moment she cum I made sure to swallow all of it. I then cleaned her cum with my tongue after she climaxed.
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Chapter 7
~Trish POV~Life has to move on. I tried applying for a job but who would hire a high school undergraduate. I ended up working at a small diner. The pay was enough to get me through the day. I also tried to have the spare room in my house rented but without any luck. Mikel has always been supportive and even gave me extra cash. Liam never showed up again and I felt really disappointed. I know I can look for him at the club but there was no way I was going to run after him. He was just a good distraction from my crazy life. For now, I’m back to reality.The last thing I could think off was him showing up at my workplace b
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Chapter 8
~Trish POV~Everyone looked nervous except for Mikel and me when Liam asked them to explain. It felt like Liam was superior to all of them. "When were you planning to tell me, Samuel?" Liam asked seriously."I think we should give guys some privacy. Mikel and I would just be outside." I stated while feeling the tension in the room and stood up."Don't leave." Liam pulled me and I ended up si
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Chapter 9
~Liam's POV~I walked out of the restaurant before I completely lose my temper. I wasn't very good at controlling my temper and Patricia was making it so difficult for me to stay calm. I had to clear my head. If it wasn't for her presence I would have broken a few ribs of my so called friends. They were sired to me. I created them. They weren't the only ones. There might have been thousands I never really kept track. But Samuel, Oliver and Benjamin remained loyal and never left my side. I can be ruthless and wouldn't have cared who was present when I'm mad. Patricia was a different story. I didn't want to reveal my true identity to her yet. I don't think she's ready. I wanted to protect her and make sure she doesn
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