Chapter 213 Between Us

Mark sneered. “Hah, only friends? Friends can sleep together as they wish?”

Arianne’s breath caught in her throat. “Please don’t say that. Whatever it is, it has passed. There’s no need to dwell on it. I didn’t even make a fuss about you sleeping with Aery Kinsey.”

He chuckled aloud before he said coldly. “How do you know if I’ve slept with her? However, everyone knows about you and Will Sivan. If I truly intend to dwell on it, you wouldn’t have been able to see him a long time ago. It’s because I don’t care that you’re able to visit him in the hospital, understand? Besides, you don’t care who I sleep with anyway, right?”

Don’t care and don’t mind.

Arianne pondered over his words and wondered if she cared. When she heard the amorous sounds he and Aery made in the hotel, she had fled in panic. She felt empty, and her emotions went through a rollercoaster ride for no reason. Did she mind? She did not love him but betrayal was betrayal. No one could tolerate a betrayal, neither him nor he
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