Chapter 317 Officially Divorced

Mark gritted his teeth. He never thought of Arianne’s reasons for moving out of the Tremont Estant. It had been more than ten years, a very long time, and she’d never left the Tremont Estate. But now, she was suddenly leaving. Previously, he couldn’t be bothered with figuring out why, and he never earnestly tried to get her to stay. He finally understood after hearing Aery’s reminder. Did she really move out out of retaliation towards him over Will?

Aery’s eyes flashed with a victorious smile when she saw the increasingly complicated look on his face. “Alright, Mark. Don’t think about such sad things. Try the desserts I’ve brought you. They’re delicious. I’ve loved the desserts from this shop ever since I was a child. I’ll stay here and wait for you to get off work, then we’ll go and have a meal together, okay?”

Mark did not refuse the dessert that Aery had put into his mouth. However, that dessert that should have tasted sweet seemed tasteless in his mouth, as if he were chewing o
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Your crazy mark you believe everything that bitch aery says so stupid of you?

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