Chapter 329 Racing Hearts, Mutual Attraction

Arianne handed her a glass of ice water. “Drink some water. It’ll be more refreshing. Of course I’d invite you whenever there’s something good to eat, just like how you’d think of me every time.”

Tiffany chuckled, feeling embarrassed, “You make it sound so… embarrassing. Alright. How are things between you and Mark? I tried every trick I had to help you stop Aery from getting into the office the last time. I really can’t stand that woman. She’s so shameless!”

Arianne was moved. “I know… Thank you, Tiffie. However… Mark and I are just the same. He’s been staying at my place over the past few days, helping me take care of Rice Ball. Sometimes, we still bicker. I suspect that we’re born opposites. Our personalities don’t match. It’s probably because the generation gap is too wide. He is ten years older than me, after all.”

Tiffany waved her hand. “What do you mean? Generation gap, incompatible personalities? Forget about that. Aery is much younger than you are. Why is she so fixated on
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