Chapter 385 I’m Your Scapegoat

Arianne instinctively glanced at Mark as she asked, “Can we search for it now? We need it urgently!”

“Of course!” Lilian answered excitedly as though she was high on drugs, “It’ll be good if you can find it as we’re in need of money now. The land is like an umbrella on a rainy day since it’s so valuable! You’re like a lucky star to me, Ari! I don’t even know we have a piece of land. It definitely belongs to us mother and daughter since my father-in-law and Tiffie’s father have passed away. There’s no doubt about it! Hurry up, help me find it!”

Mark rose from his seat since they were ready to depart. However, the phone on his desk suddenly rang. He heard Ethan’s voice at the end of the line before he even managed to speak. “I guess you’re heading to Lilian’s house to find the certificate of the land, aren’t you? Well, I have something to tell you before you leave.”

Mark asked with a frown, “What are you trying to do?”

Ethan chuckled coldly, “I found an unsent letter when I was goin
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