Chapter 528 A Tense Lunch

Tiffany paused and said, “It wasn’t really a fight, it’s just… Both of us don’t see eye to eye in certain areas… Our principles are different. For example, I don’t want to spend too much of his money while we’re dating, and I don’t sulk because he can’t pick me up. He thinks it’s because I don’t care about him and that I don’t love him. However, I think it’s good for us to split things evenly in case we break up so neither of us will owe the other. Why should I sulk just because he can’t pick me up? Wouldn’t that be unreasonable of me if he was busy? That’s why it turned out this way… It’s such a small issue, but it’s a mess. It’s pretty exhausting.”

This ‘mess’ was nothing to Arianne. “When two people are together, the most important thing is that they’re happy. One of you will have to compromise. If you want him to be happy, you should adapt to his ways. If he cares more for you, he’ll pander to you. It’s not a big deal. Don’t worry. Let’s have some fun. We’ve been making our lunch
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