Chapter 610 Opening Doors With Lust

This was a particularly difficult problem. Arianne didn’t want to see the disappointment on Mary’s face, but she couldn’t possibly stay, “I’ll be back, Mary.”

Tiffany sat herself down on the newly-made bed, “Don’t mind her, Mary. Your Mr. Tremont is a jerk. It’s no wonder Ari is giving him the cold shoulder. Ari will stay when the time is right.”

Mary sighed, “Henry asked me to ask the question. He doesn’t like talking and is a cold individual. He’s similar to Mr. Tremont in that sense. However, he’s not entirely cold. He’s still pretty humane. I’m not saying a word, since that’s the case. You should visit more often, Ari. I hope you’ll stay forever next time and live with Mr. Tremont. This house feels so lifeless without you.”

Arianne thought of how Mark had fallen sick after a long period of over exhaustion and had suddenly collapsed. This matter had really disturbed her. Her heart had softened long ago. When she found out that he hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time, she w
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