Chapter 881 And So It Begins

With that, Tiffany rose to her feet and started toward the door. And then she stopped, her feet falling into place.

“Do you know why I came here?” she said. “I didn’t come here because I thought Jackson was sticking his d**k into another woman’s coochie or whatever. I came here… because my best friend had not returned home despite the time, and I feared for her safety. I came here seeking help from Jackson. And in return for my kindness, you gave me this surprise... Heh.”

Tanya’s pupils quivered before she willed them to stay still. Everything she had done up to this point would not brook a sliver of sympathy and guilt. Never again would she put herself in a spot to be gibed and mocked by others; she, too, wanted to be as radiant as all the cool girls in the city — the it-girl worthy of attention!

Tiffany left, but Tanya chose to stay, busying herself with cleaning Jackson’s house till it was spotless. Then, when her chores were done, she laid down next to the slumbering man, exhaus
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