Chapter 1162 Tanya Receives A House From Jett

Alejandro received Tiffany’s reply and looked at the fireworks in the distance as he sat in his wheelchair. Tiffany and him must be looking at the same scenery since they were in the same city, the same world…

Melanie suddenly opened the door and entered the bedroom.

Alejandro instinctively placed his phone with its face down on the small table.

Melanie noticed his actions but pretended not to care. “Grandpa has given me some money as a gift, and I’ve got your share with me. Grandpa has even prepared one for the baby.”

Alejandro was unfazed. “You can keep it for good luck. I’m tired so I’m going to bed first.”

Melanie walked up and helped him onto the bed and removed his shoes for him. “Alright, then. You go ahead and sleep. I’ll head back down and talk to grandpa for a little longer.” Before she left, she could not help but glance at his phone on the table. Was he texting Tiffany before she came in? She was not a fool. Some of his words to her were contrary to his actions.


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