Chapter 1215 More Mundane, Daily Life Things

There was an undercurrent of wary gingerness in Tiffany’s voice when she continued, “You’re only not picking a fight with me because I’ve just given birth to your son, right? If this were the past, storm clouds would have been all over your face already! But you gotta remember, I haven’t been talking to Alejandro, and I don’t know how he knew about whatever I’m going through. Hell, he even managed to send me flowers on the exact day I leave the hospital, too! But he’s only doing this out of genuine goodwill as a friend. I myself have always seen him as nothing more than a friend! You’re the one who insists on being jealous.”

Jackson looked up and met her eyes. “You might treat him as nothing more than a friend, but he doesn’t. Either way, I don’t want you to hang out with him or contact him at all—you know what, I’ll expand the scope. I don’t want you hanging out with any other guy in the world! That’s right; I’m that possessive. Deal with it, sistah.”

Tiffany giggled giddily. “Aha!
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